Sony Considers Adding Downloadable Comic Books To PSP Store

by Mike Bendel March 16, 2009 @ 10:34 pm


Sony is considering to sell digital versions of comic books and graphic novels over the PlayStation Store on PSP, if a recent survey conducted by the company is any indication.

The survey brought up general questions, such as how much users would be willing to pay per comic, or if they’d be willing to opt into a subscription service. That means access to all comics on the store in exchange for a flat monthly fee.

Provided alongside the survey was a marketing brief showcasing how this supposed comic book section would integrate with the PlayStation Store. Different view modes are explained, such as “auto-flow” which jumps across sections of a comic page in sequential order. Also depicted was an interface for fast-switching between different comics.

Might this all be making an appearance in a future firmware update? Maybe. Expectedly, Sony was quick to point out that this video clip is just a mock-up, but it looks as if they’re seriously considering to add it. See for yourself after the break.

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Acerthief says:

I'm more concerned with the fee, and they better have chinese comics :P

mortalinstincts says:

what format will they be in? (.jpg types?)

and won't there be the risk of them being shared?

or will we kind of only be able to open them on a single PSP?

dennis96411 says:

I can never download anything from PS Store, because when I try to, it gives me error 80109D51, which I do not understand at ALL! Even when I reinstall firmware (without formatting flash1).

mortalinstincts says:

try deleting the act.dat file from flash2.. everything should be fine after that.. hopefully

angelsniper45 says:

Thats probably something dealing with your account.

Will they have the classics to?

x3sphere says:

I'd assume the comics would be in a proprietary format to prevent people from sharing them. Or they could let people share them, but only with up to five friends or something. That would work well I think.

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