Update: PSP Firmware 6.10 Available

by Mike Bendel September 30, 2009 @ 8:47 pm

Update: As promised, firmware 6.10 is now available and can be downloaded at the link below or via Network Update.

In preparation for tomorrow’s launch of the PSPgo, Sony has announced that firmware 6.10 will soon be available on Network Update.

This update is primarily focused on improving compatibility with select PSN titles and features several Media Go enhancements. Additionally, starting with 6.10 tethering will be supported on the PSPgo. Essentially, this means owners of the handheld can use any Bluetooth mobile device as a source of internet connectivity, such as a mobile phone.

Sony’s proprietary music mood and tempo detector known as SensMe is also making its debut in 6.10. The application can automatically scan and evaluate tracks that have been transferred to a PSP through Media Go.

Download PSP Firmware 6.10

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Darkchild says:

hmm I'm still waiting for news of exploits for this :]

BurnCycle says:

Actually is already available... And from what i could read has a few major features. Makes me wander why call 6.00 to the last update! :P

hakk3r says:

Haha I remember when I went nuts for 2.71 xD woot were up to 6.10 maybe DAX will update now!

bnaughty18 says:

Dark Alex, where are you? (sober)...huhuhu :(

B2K24 says:

Alek says there's no plans for a M33 version on his blog.

Tenshigami says:

Pfft. Oh come on. 5.00 POPS support is seriously gimped in comparison, DAX. Hell, 6.00+ most likely has FFVIII support, since it's on the japanese PSN.

webnapster says:

this means no update? no 6.00 M33 soon?

I hope to see 6.00 M33 soon, I have some UDMs I can't play because of my current firmware and I don't want to install OFW... I can wait a little more... XD

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