Xaviant Licenses CryEngine 3 For Action RPG Lichdom

by Mike Bendel on March 12, 2010 @ 12:09 pm

Developer Xaviant has chosen to adopt the scalable CryEngine 3 middleware for its upcoming single-player action RPG Lichdom, Crytek announced today. The title is targeted for a multi-platform release on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Screenshots did not accompany the announcement, unfortunately. Seeing Crysis 2 in action on consoles blew us away, so we’re excited to see how another developer will leverage this technology. Hit the break for a statement from Xaviant CEO Michael McMain.

“Our strategy at Xaviant is to build games that can only come from the minds of gamers, which means we have to focus on our core discipline: game design. When we partnered with Crytek, we had high expectations for their product. However we had not anticipated the extent to which they exceeded those expectations. The rapid iteration and the number of tools we get ‘out of the box’ are remarkable. In just six short weeks we were able to create a ‘proof of concept’ demo with an incredibly high level of detail. And with the immense help of Crytek’s expert support, we even met the truly tough GDC deadline. In my opinion, anyone serious about making a game should check out CryEngine.” states Michael McMain, CEO of Xaviant LLC.

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