PS3 Firmware 3.41, PSP 6.31 Release Imminent

by Mike Bendel July 26, 2010 @ 7:39 pm

Update: PS3 firmware 3.41 is now live, available via Network Update or direct download.

Sony aims to enhance your PlayStation Store browsing experience with the next PS3 firmware update, which is reportedly due out “soon.” PSN director Eric Lempel tells us that firmware 3.41 will add an all-new “You May Like” widget to the storefront, highlighting recommendations tailored towards the item you are currently viewing.

The underlying methodology behind this feature is based on prior purchases of other PSN members.

While firmware 3.41 itself will likely pop up later tonight or tomorrow, this feature is scheduled to go live at July’s end. In addition, the release of PS3 firmware 3.41 will coincide with the arrival of a minor PSP firmware update. Version 6.31 merely promises “system software stability” improvements — hardly exciting, we’d say.

We’ll let you know once the firmware duo hits Network Update.

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Riorio99 says:

What a waste of time. It's an update which adds what essentially equates as advertising.

It better add something interesting, or I'll not be best pleased.

Dan says:

I just want them to fix the flash player for TVCatchup to work and I'm happy.

KezraPlanes says:

I actually like this recommendations thingy, I just don't think I'll use it much xD

Sousanator says:

With GeoHots twitter and blog gone, I may actually update so I can play Modnation Racers

Spiros says:

I think I'm going to hold out for a bit longer, I missed the 360 jtag scene by updating(couldn't play NHL10 without doing so), so I really don't want to miss out on a potential PS3 homebrew scene.

Anyone else still holding out on updating?

x3sphere says:

Nope. I updated when 3.40 was released. I have a feeling if/when a hack materializes, it'll be at the tail end of the PS3's lifecycle.

KezraPlanes says:

I don't think anyone is anymore... People have accepted the fact that the ps3 might be the first console in a long time to not be hacked publically (which is an accomplisment in itself) because no one doubts that the right people have the stuff but will never release it.

Also, this might be a good thing... This way we rarely see FW updates and when they do come out, at least something new will come with them, rather than thje million PSP updates that were useless..

Hellcat says:

My 60G (Fat) PS3 is still sitting there being on 3.15 - with no plans to update any time soon.

Abe Froeman says:

Why not? Aren't you locked out of going online with it?

KezraPlanes says:

He has two PS3s xD

you say: