PSFreedom Released, PSGroove-Like PS3 Exploit for N900 Phones

by Mike Bendel September 3, 2010 @ 1:23 pm

Already ridiculously simple, the process of hacking your PS3 just became a little more convenient for owners of Nokia N900 cell phones. Homebrew developer KaKaRoTo today released PSFreedom, which targets the N900. Although similar in functionality to the recently-released PSGroove exploit, the code is entirely original.

With the provided shell script executed on your N900, simply turn off your PS3, plug in the N900 via USB, turn on your PS3, then hit the power button and quickly press the eject button. From there, just let the magic happen — it’s that simple. Detailed instructions are included in the readme file.

Download PSFreedom for N900

PSFreedom (Jailbreak PS3 with N900) worked, finished and released! [KaKaRoTo]

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KezraPlanes says:

Someone do this with Android D: then when PS3 emulation comes I can use it xD

kakaroto says:

Please correct your post, it is NOT a fork of the PSGroove codebase, it has absolutely nothing to do with PSGroove, I started working on it long before PSGroove was released, it's entirely new and self-written code. Please correct your article.

x3sphere says:

@kakaroto: thanks for the clarification, article has been amended. I apologize for the error.. at the time of writing your site was down. I grabbed the release from another site, which had it labeled as a port.

Nice job on the release by the way :)

FrozenIpaq says:

Great work! Now I just wish I had a N900... Teensy board cannot come fast enough. Huge props to you for utilizing the N900 the way you did. Interesting to hear that ti's entirely new code, I was also under the impression that it wouldn't be (mainly because a lot of people were talking about making N900 and PSP ports of the PSGroove code which is where I think the confusion came from).

Zero says:

Insert obligatory "There's an app for that" joke here.

Riorio99 says:

Nice! Now lets wait and see if someone can port this code (or write new stuff) to other hardware. I don't think very many people will be buying the $170 PSJailbreak now.

Colm says:

So is it theoretically possible to port this to iOS\PSP\Android?

rianchio23 says:

please port to android pleeeeeeease

you say: