EA Stock Takes a Plunge After MoH Reviews

by Justin B. October 13, 2010 @ 9:29 am

The Electronic Arts stock (ERTS) took a plunge of roughly 6% after the reviews for Medal of Honor were published yesterday. The stock was previously “inflated” the amount of hype that EA has been putting into the Medal of Honor series reboot, but none of that hype can make up for a mediocre game. While the game has received generally positive reviews across the boards, the scores don’t quite match up to the hype surrounding the game or our expectations.

Following the stock price drop, EA has responded saying “This is an essentially big achievement considering Medal of Honor has been dormant for several years. This is the first year in rebooting the franchise. Medal of Honor is part of a larger EA strategy to take share in the shooter category. This is a marathon not a sprint — today’s Medal of Honor launch represents a step forward in that race.” At least EA is keeping a positive attitude towards the situation and will continue their efforts into the booming “shooter” category.

EA Responds to Sudden Stock Price Plunge [1up]

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TeamOverload says:

Meh, I can see how they can be slightly disappointed, but a 75/76 average is still a respectable score at least.

Abe Froeman says:

The stock took a 6% hit yesterday, which only made the news because it was the biggest fall of the S&P 500 companies. It's back up 1% at the moment and has been increasing since the market opened pretty steadily.

FrozenIpaq says:

Hmm, that seems to be the case now (as of writing the article it was still decreasing). It was only a matter of time before it started going back up, but how much it gains back is going to be interesting to see (bound to bounce back, but how much?)

Abe Froeman says:

Well it's 52 week range is 21.05 - 14.06, so safe logic will dictate it will land right in the middle of that again. It didn't come close to hitting the low yesterday.

Nader says:

Meh, to be expected. BF3 is going to deliver.

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