Gran Turismo 5 Goes Gold, Release Date Still TBD

by Mike Bendel November 2, 2010 @ 2:19 pm

The seemingly eternal wait is nearly over. According to a Jalopink report, Polyphony Digital head Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed that PS3 exclusive Gran Turismo 5 has been sent off to manufacturing. In other words, it’s gone gold.

“The discs are being stamped as we speak,” stated Yamauchi in response to a question asking when the title is due to hit store shelves.

We’re still left in the dark over a firm release date, but hey, it can’t be too far off now can it?

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Dan says:

Don't get your hopes up kids.

Craig Fairfax says:

Do games go gold without release dates often, or is this a rare occurrence?

Nader says:

Strange, maybe they want to make a special announcement before the weekend...

x3sphere says:

It's rare. Usually release dates are announced well before a title goes gold.

Production should take around 2-3 weeks, so a late November release seems likely.


Zero says:

Something will come up.

Sure of it.

Also have a bet with a friend that we won't see GT5 until 2011.

ekmuas says:

I don't care about the game hitting gold. Just release it geeezz..

angelsniper45 says:

didnt they say this about duke nukem a few years ago to?

all i can say is meh.

FrozenIpaq says:

No, they only say this about games that are going to production - Duke Nukem Forever never got that far. It's interesting news because, as x3sphere said, the game is still without a release date

angelsniper45 says:

Yeah. I guess the players just have different viewpoints onthat stuff than the devs do. If I were them, I wouldnt announce it until it was 90% finished and the final touches were going in. Just saying.

HansB says:

The fact that the disc is being stamped, meaning the cover, doesn't mean at all that the software is being burned, so actually Yamauchi has said absolutely nothing.

In other words, you can stamp all the BD with the GT5, but then you have to burn the software and it doesn't means that both things are being done at the same time or one immediate after the other...

The wait will still go on and all the retailers at publishing dec 31th just because they say "it will be some date in 2010"...

They say we will have a date by the end of october... and still waiting...

Craig Fairfax says:

Retail Discs are pressed not burned.

you say: