Update: PS3 Firmware 3.60 Drops Tomorrow, Introduces Cloud Saving

by Mike Bendel March 9, 2011 @ 9:42 pm

Update: PS3 firmware 3.60 has gone live. Grab it via Network Update or manually from our download section.

Sony’s announced that PS3 firmware 3.60 will drop tomorrow, bringing with it an added incentive for PSN Plus subscribers. On a per PSN account basis, those under the pay-for loyalty program will receive the ability to store up to 150MB of game save data and a maximum of 1000 data files to Sony’s cloud infrastructure.

In addition, users can back-up “copy-prohibited save data” on the cloud. Restores of previously saved data are limited to once every 24 hours. While Sony says “most” PS3 titles will be compatible with the new online storage method right out of the gate, the company has made support mandatory in new titles going forward.

Last but not least, aside from the cloud saving highlight, “other minor features” are due for inclusion in firmware 3.60. Looks like we’ll find out what else awaits tomorrow.

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ultimakillz says:

nice to see them actually adding features in the firmware updates instead of just "security patches".

Abe Froeman says:

I may just buy a month of plus to backup my copy-protected Demon's Souls saves. I'm fact, I'm sure I will.

x3sphere says:

I think it's not enough storage space though. Some games take up several MB per save. For a paid service, 150MB of space is weak in this day and age. Steam gives 1GB of space free, GMail gives 7GB now, the list goes on...

Would've made more sense if 150MB was positioned as the free tier, and PS Plus subscribers received 5GB or something.

Seth says:

Sony has said that 150 mb is good for about 1000 game saves, and that they will add more space later on.

MenaceInc says:

That's a pretty dam nice feature. Makes me wish more games on Steam used the Steam Cloud feature :(

x3sphere says:

Hmm, where was that said? All I read was that you can store a max of 1000 files, not an estimate of how much you can store.

A Street Fighter IV save, for example, takes up 18MB. I'm just going by the filesize reported on the PS3, though, perhaps the actual data transferred to Sony's servers will be less. They could use compression, remove images, etc.

A lot of publishers use Steamworks now, it's only the stubborn few like EA that aren't on the bandwagon yet.

Richlando says:

I like the idea but dont care for having to maintain a Plus subscription to keep access to your saves.

Spiros says:

It's definitely a nice feature but not one that would make me want to get a PSN Plus subcription. And yeah, 150MB for a paid service is crap imo.

TeamOverload says:

Having a cap is stupid I'll give you that, but in reality how much space do save games take up?

Spiros says:

I'd assume most take up like a fraction of an mb to a couple mb's, but apperantly there are also some like x3sphere said, SSF4 takes up 18mb. I know that it would be more than enough for most people, I just think if I'm actually paying for the service 150mb is laughable.

Craig Fairfax says:

Since my last ps3 broke and I lost all my goddamn save files; Playstation Plus is starting to appeal to me now. Needs more space though.

TeamOverload says:

Yeah fair enough. MLB 2K11 takes up like 15MB per save for each game mode, so I can see it filling up pretty quickly. Hopefully they'll increase the limit for those who do pay for it.

Seth says:

I found it said in the Engadget comments

Also aside from a few games like Afrika: 387mb, echochrome: 26mb ,Super Street Fighter IV: 16mb 150 mb is really a good amount of space, I have about about 50 games for my ps3 ( more if you count my psn games), I rank up about 230 mb of data most of them are from old fallout 3 and new vegas and bioshock data that should have been long gone but just to lazy to remove. I feel im one of the few who can say 150 mb is not alot for me but for anyone with less then 30 games it should be a crap ton of space.

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