EA To Launch Origin, New Social Digital Distribution Service

by Mike Bendel June 2, 2011 @ 9:40 pm

EA will soon launch Origin, a new digital distribution service that aims to compete with Steam in terms of features. According to a Wall Street Journal report, it’s a singular application that will allow users to “purchase, download and keep track of games for PCs.” It also boasts “Facebook-like” social-networking functionality that allows friends to communicate with each other while gaming.

Yup, sounds a lot like Steam. Of course, this isn’t EA’s first foray into the digital space. The current EA store features a client that allows users to download and purchase titles digitally, though it lacks any sense of integration — and it’s certainly nowhere near as elegant as Steam. Origin plans to change that.

BioWare’s upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic will be among the first of exclusive offerings on the service, according to community manager Stephen Reid.

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Adiuvo says:

I really don't see the point of companies still trying to compete with Steam. Nobody will leave it in mass numbers.

At least this will keep pushing Steam to create better features, I suppose.

hush404 says:

Ugh... another POS software that developers try to make us use? Fuck off and just leave me with my steam.

KezraPlanes says:

Their trump card is that "Star Wars: The Old Republic" is now Origin-only. http://www.joystiq.com/2011/06/03/ea-takes-on-steam-with-origin-the-only-place-to-download-the-ol/

I'm officially pissed.

El Diablo says:

I remember hearing a while that Blizzard Activision wanted to do their own things like this but for just their games. I'm going to be really pissed when you start only being able to get CoD on their own little thing and only be able to talk to people in WoW and other crap. Steam is amazing, and ALL games should be on it, not them trying to come up with their own fail way to replace it and just removing games that would have been on steam.

hush404 says:

@KezraPlanes - If it boils down to it, people will use the service just for that game and then forgo caring about it further.

I honestly hate the idea that every damn company out there wants to make their games only on their platforms... Its one thing to offer incentives to get users to move to their service... but forcing people to use it just because you're being stupid and not allowing your game to be released elsewhere is the dumbest thing I've ever encountered.

you say: