Chilly Willy’s Doom PSP v1.2

by Mike Bendel November 2, 2007 @ 7:16 pm

Homebrew developer Chilly Willy has released an update to his Doom port for PSP. If you haven’t been following past releases, Chilly’s port is compatible with 3.X kernel based custom firmwares such as 3.71 M33 and features TV-Out support.

For this update, Chilly has introduced various optimizations, effectively almost doubling the frame rate. Additionally, version 1.2 adds the ability to access the on-screen keyboard (OSK)  during the game, support for infrastructure play, and a selector for 16: 9 or 4:3 rendering.

V1.2 released

Added ability to access the OSK during the game
so that strings can be entered. Slowed the OSK by half to make inputting
characters easier. TRIANGLE can now be used as BACKSPACE when entering
the game save description. Added network support for Infrastructure
TCP/IP (wireless access points). Also added a selector for 16: 9 or 4:3
rendering to the LCD menu; that way you can have “normal” graphics in
480×272 mode. Optimized the rendering for almost twice the frame rate.

Download Chilly Willy’s Doom PSP v1.2

Release Thread

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x3sphere says:

Nice work as always :) Big fan of Doom here.

btw, took a screenshot from my Slim:

Chilly Willy says:

Nice! I see you haven't bumped up the screen size in the options (DOOM options). Funny, but that particular screen size if what you're supposed to do all the speed tests in (and 320x200 or 320x240 resolution).

I should take a picture of it on my TV. I've been running it at 640x400 progressive. It's pretty nice. Surprisingly quick for that size on such a slow system (let's face it, computers haven't been 200-300 MHz in almost a decade).

BaDaPpLe says:

Tried to run on slim keep getting error Error:W_init files not found. Any help?

x3sphere says:

Read the readme. Go into Game Settings and select a Main WAD file. Chilly has already included a shareware version of Doom with the release, so a DOOM1.WAD option should show up.

Chilly Willy says:

Yes, until you save the settings to "doom.set" the bare minimum you'd have to do every time you run this is select a main wad. All the rest can go by the defaults. I suppose I could make the default on the next version to simply pick the first file in the iwad directory. :)

Anywho, set your settings the way you like, then save the settings to the default name. The next time you run Doom, it will automatically load those settings so you're ready to play.

Chilly Willy says:

v1.1 now up! Enjoy. :)

XsavioR says:

Nice work chilly. Lets see if i can still remember the secret rooms and such. Dling now.

vigilantjab says:

i cant get it to play it says curruption error.

Roe says:

Yeah very nice Chilly, when I read it was only 6mb I was pretty happy too. It looks great on full screen in remotejoy.

XsavioR says:

quality release , was good fun playing the demo.

Hey chilly can u put in the mods... where the guys look like monkeys? etc Make them like options to turn on and off.

Chilly Willy says:


I'm just trying to make a nice DOOM that plays on the PSP Slim. Any mods you can do by selecting patch WADs and DEHs in the proper place in the GUI (Game Settings). I don't include any specific mods at this point, but I might. The mod I'd include is Doominator. Now THAT was patch WAD! :w00t:

Or the DEH that makes the shotgun as fast as the chaingun. You could mow through ANYTHING with that DEH. 8)

XsavioR says:

yeah if they are capable of being played we should make a performance pack, and gather up a bunch of mods.

Is this capable of being networked like doom was ? lan play and such

Chilly Willy says:

This version should in theory, but I can't get my router to pass the packets to the second PSP. It's very frustrating. :mad1:

This is my second beta for v1.2 and has lots of bug fixes. It's just the EBOOT and the readme.

Chilly Willy says:

I've gone ahead and posted an "official" v1.2. Although I still can't make my router cooperate, networking should work in theory, so I'm gonna use y'all as guinea pigs. The main reason I'm posting it is because I made a simple optimization in the screen rendering that makes it almost twice as fast. At 480x272, I went from 28 to 47 frames per second. I get a respectable 21 FPS in 720x480 on the TV, and a VERY nice 27 FPS at 640x400 on the TV. 8)

XsavioR says:

nice optimizations. So could it be that a slim and phat psp dont communicate properly... i assume u are using a slim and a phat.

Chilly Willy says:

Yes, a Slim with 3.71 M33-2 and a Phat with 3.52 M33-4. They SHOULD communicate fine. The problem seems to be the router won't send the packets on the second PSP. I even found a nice page on network programming and I'm doing everything it says, but the packets from one PSP just never get to the second.

XsavioR says:

Did u verify the mac address on the phat 82? We could try over hamatchi (virtual lan) if u want.

Chilly Willy says:

Yes, I verified the MAC addresses. You cannot get the "Test Connection" to succeed without having the MAC address in the filter list of the router (unless it's disabled, of course). I'm currently trying to set up "plain" DOOM for linux so I can try networking between the computer and the PSP to better trace the packets. I have yet to find any reason in the code for the problem. Everything seems fine from that end.

Chilly Willy says:

Okay, I done figgered out the stupid networking. :biggrin:

Here's a beta for v1.3. The only difference between this and v1.2 is the fix for networking. The funny thing is the networking was fine. Doom busy loops, and since the PSP uses cooperative task switching, the thread the PSP network libs use for address resolution were not getting to run. I stuck a reschedule before the packet commands and TADA! Networking works for me.

So give this a try and see how it works for you. However, now that I've got networking working and had a chance to see how the program responds to changes in the network settings, I realize I need to alter the network config. So this is a beta to get you networking while I revamp the gui a bit for an official v1.3 release.

XsavioR says:

dam your good. I get off around 7 or 8 tonight. If you want to try some hamatchi leme know.

Chilly Willy says:

Maybe after I finish the update to 1.3, you can help "test" it. :wink:

x3sphere says:

Cool :) Well I was getting a 80110601 error on both v1.2 and this beta release in regards to network settings. However, I just tried restoring default settings and re-entered in my network config and it's all working fine again. Not sure why that happened, guess my settings became corrupted somehow.

XsavioR: yeah we should play sometime.

Chilly Willy says:

I got that myself once. It seems the connection editing can sometimes leave the net config trashed. You don't have to reset to default (I didn't at least), just delete the old config and re-enter it. That worked for me.

Kwipper says:

After you get the network thing worked out, why not add some way to configure your own controls settings

Chilly Willy says:

Okay, v1.3 is up. This marks the official debut of networking. It now even works against compatible versions of PC/Mac/Amiga/etc DOOM. I could play against another PSP and my linux box running SDL_DOOM v1.10. The GUI has been substantially altered to make it possible to set up a network game properly.

cupraR says:

It works sweet for me.

However how do I save game on this. I heard you need to make a SAVE folder in /PSP/DOOM/

Is that correct and then when and how do i save game

Thanks for this

Chilly Willy says:

Nothing special needed. Just pause (don't really NEED to pause, but it's highly recommended :wink: ), press TRI+SELECT for the menu, select SAVE GAME, use the d-pad to navigate the save slots, press X to select a slot, press TRI+START to get the OSK, enter the save description and press START (descr should now be in the selected slot), and finally press X to save. It's all EXACTLY like when playing the real DOOM except for pulling up the OSK. Note that you can use TRI by itself as backspace when editing the save slot description text.

Squeaky369 says:

Awesome work dude; just awesome. Quick question though; I've got full versions of all the dooms (1,2, TNT, Plutonia) How come on the 2, TNT, and Plutonia when your selecting weapons it skips the single shotgun and goes right to the double? (And Yes; I have it).

Chilly Willy says:

You have to press the same number key multiple times in a row to toggle between the two shotguns. You cannot do that using the next/previous weapon buttons. You have to use the OSK input to do that. The OSK is TRI+START.

XsavioR says:

Nice work , Im going to try to get my stuff setup over here tomorrow. i dont work till late and dont think i have any thing going on early on.

Squeaky369 says:

Okay; I get how that works; because I can enter in the old fashion cheat codes and they work. But when I type in "3" it doesn't change weapons. I've tried multiple 3's and nothing; and I've tried other weapons and nothing.

Squeaky369 says:

Well; after messing with that for a few minutes trying different ways; it won't even let me change weapons anymore using the TRI+L or TRI+R. I guess I must be doing something wrong.

Chilly Willy says:

I'll check into that... I'm working on v1.4 right now.

Chilly Willy says:

And I'm done. v1.4 is up! See the first post for changes.

XsavioR says:

Hey Chilly, can u post a link to the original pc end files. id like to install it on my pc . (havent put in the 3rd and 4th gig of memory, or video card in on my pc so this is perfect)

Richlando says:

Excellent work as always CW..

sorron20 says:

i are not ubar haxorz , how i haxorz teh downloadz plz halp meh ubar haxxorz.

x3sphere says:

Can you READ? Looks like you posted from the main page, and there's a download link right in the article.


Chilly Willy says:

If you're trying to play networked with the PSP, the trick is finding a DOOM port that hasn't been changed into a clone of Quake. Most of the normal ports have advanced so far that they're hardly DOOM anymore. Here's an older copy of SDLDoom. It compiles in linux and you CAN play against the PSP with it. In Windows, you should be able to make it compile with CygWin. It uses SDL for the video/sound/input, so that shouldn't be an issue. If I find another suitable DOOM port, I'll let y'all know.

pspfan says:

Hey Chilly Willy,

I'm very happy to see a PSP Doom port with Infrastructure multiplayer support! Just a quick question though: Is there any way to talk to the opponent(s)? Like an OSK (i.e. Danzeff) or something like that?

I remember when Peter MacKay and Chris Swindle's Quake port first added Infrastructure there wasn't really away to do it but a guy named Garret Peters ( ) came up with a menu system where you could send short pre-made messages. This was pretty nice, but obviously an OSK where you could send ANYTHING would be a lot cooler and more useful (especially if it were the great Danzeff). Anyway, I'm starting to blabber...

So is there an OSK in the Infrastructure multiplayer of this Doom port? And if not, would you ever consider implementing one (preferrably Danzeff) or some other way to talk to the opponent (like the SOCOM microphone--hahaha just kidding on that one :p)?

Chilly Willy says:

Doom has chat macros, but I have no idea what they do. I rarely play network games. You can enter text in Doom via the OSK by hitting TR+Start. That's how you input the more unusual cheats, so I suppose it should work with chat macros too.

I've had a thought of adding support for voice via the microphone, but that's really more work than I want to put into it. I've got the SOCOM headset and know how to input sound, but that would be overkill for Doom I'd think. :) Maybe if I get some more free time later. I have some other things I'm working on now.

pspfan says:

So the cheat OSK will work for online communication? That's pretty cool and I'll have to try it out! I didn't think there was any OSK and that's why I had asked for some implementation like Danzeff. Anyway, thanks again for the work on this.

P.S. I was completely kidding about the SOCOM headset suggestion, although that would probably win a "most innovative" homebrew title :). It's cool that you had actually thought about it before, though.

Chilly Willy says:

There are three ways of doing cheats, each a little slower and more trouble than the previous: "instant" cheats use TRI+; this is the fastest and easiest cheat, but you only get to select three. Then you have the "selected" cheat: hold TRI and press LEFT or RIGHT to get to one of twelve cheats, then release TRI to select it. Slower, but you get to choose from the twelve most popular cheats. Last, you have the OSK, which allows you to input anything, including cheats. You'd use the OSK to warp to a level or change the music.

I have a SOCOM headset for both my PSPs, and was playing around with audio input code just a couple weeks ago. Getting the audio is not really a big deal - sending it to the other players would be more trouble. Anywho, anything I work on that has audio in can be modified to work with the SOCOM headset pretty easily. It's apps that DON'T support sound initially that require more work. Doom comes from a time of 9600 baud modems, so they never even thought of sending audio to the players. I could probably add it, but it's not a priority right now. Maybe later...

pspfan says:

Thanks again for another speedy and knowledgeable reply. I'll try the online play + OSK for communication in a bit.

As for the SOCOM mic stuff, definitely don't worry about it, like I said I was just kidding :)

codgedodger says:

This game rocks thxz

mlwy45 says:

Hey my dad and i are DOOM fans we have been for years, now NATUALLY we downloaded a fine DOOM game for psp....WITH NETWORKING! but...i can get one psp to start a game but the other is eather loading or i did something wrong...can someone help me plz. we're both using 3.71 m33-4 (psp slims)

Chilly Willy says:

Read the readme closely - network games are not quite the simplest thing to set up (yet). Make sure each player has their own unique player number. If you're player 1, the other guy (if only two players) should be player 2. Make sure to enter the IP address for the other players on the appropriate line. Doom will show you YOUR IP address in the display, at which point you just exchange IP address info with all the involved players. Make sure everyone is using the same port.

Note, if you are networking across networks (not on the same router), the address Doom gives you is the LOCAL IP address. You'll need to visit a website like to find the IP address as it appears to people on the internet. Note that your ISP may change that number every few hours unless you pay extra for a static IP address. Also note that if you are doing this kind of networking, make sure your router is forwarding the port Doom uses to your PSP, and not the computer.

DarkOne675 says:

i just downloaded doom for my psp and i read the readme and put the files in the right spot i have firmware 3.60 but when i go to the games folder on the psp and start up doom it starts going then it hits a black screen and after about 20 seconds it goes back to the psp menu and it says game could not be started? what should i do i really want to play doom

Acerthief says:

These homebrews can only be ran under custom firmware PSPs. So official 3.60 is unable.

Chilly Willy says:

Official ANY version is unusable. :biggrin:

Custom firmware 3.xx is required. On a slim, you should be using 3.90 M33-2. You'll need a pandora's battery and memstick to install custom firmware on the slim. See the guides in the PSP FAQ & Guide forum.

B2K24 says:

Just wanted to say I have been playing this for about 2 hours today.

Very awesome homebrew for the PSP it's alot of fun.

Recently some friends have taken notice to bunches of my homebrews and emulation that I game with on PSP. I have managed to get 5 of them to buy PSP's and some even sold there DS when I showed them what was possible on the PSP :smile:

Thank Chilly for all your work and releases 8)8):smile::biggrin:

Chilly Willy says:

You're welcome. Devs always like it when you get good reports, but usually, no news is good news as people usually only report back when they have a problem. :)

Jhazky says:

Hello Chilly! Thanks for this nice program! I'm really enjoying the good old days within my hands :-) I don't know if this is still being updated, I want to let you know that I'm getting "W_GetNumForName: HELP2 not found" after loading Doom ultimate (retail version). Anyway, if I start the game fast enough, everything goes well. It seems to crash after the 10 seconds when you're in the Main Menu. I don't know if it is just me or a bug from the program. Just want to let you know, thanks!

Ziirup says:

Chilly! youre the man! thx for your commitment.

Few problems though, I hope you can fix em sometime.

First, the same thing Jhazky has "Help2 not found"

Also in the middle of game It might crash sometimes because some file not found. Third, I have some problem with the sound :( Music is kinda weird and soundeffects are really silent :/ :S

Evrything else is awesome!!!!!!!

Chilly Willy says:

I believe the Help2 issue has to do with the wad file having the wrong name, so it gets misidentified. Make sure it's called "doomu.wad", all lower case.

Salahmander says:

Hey chilly, this app is awesome, i have one problem and that is when i rename the doom wad to doomu.wad i always get the first episode sky on every other episode

angelsniper45 says:

I know this is old but....woo!! I think i have successfully been able to play doom on pretty much every system i own. I still LOVE it!

Webfox says:

Hi! Chilly Willy!

I don't know if this threat is still alive, but I hope so...

I found your Doom port for PSP v1.4 and it's amazing. I love it.

Only a few questions about it:

- Is that one the last version of your port (v1.4)? Or may I get a later one? Where?

- I use ZDOOM in my PC. Is there any way to connect both systems (PSP & PC) in the same multiplayer game? If so, is your port always the host or what?

I've spent almost a week trying to make it but I couldn't. I definitely can't make it whithout help...

Thanks a lot.

Th3D00MGuy91 says:

chilly willy, please email me at i have some questions about how to fix my controls because the original controls are a pain in the ass to play with and i have a better idea on how they could work for future updates... please email me soon.

-the doom guy

Th3D00MGuy91 says:

chilly willy, please email me at i have some questions about how to fix my controls because the original controls are a pain in the ass to play with and i have a better idea on how they could work for future updates... please email me soon.

-the doom guy

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