Savegame Deemer v1.10

by Mike Bendel February 18, 2008 @ 10:32 pm

Homebrew developer Hellcat has released an update to Savegame Deemer, a custom firmware plugin for the PSP that allows users to easily save and load decrypted savedata from UMD titles. Once decrypted, savedata can then be modified directly in any standard hex editor.

In addition to the usual bug fixes, version 1.10 includes vastly improved compatibility, along with a new feature that allows users to patch and overwrite the SFO params/info on save. Additional information on the aforementioned feature can be found in the included readme file.

UPDATE 19.02.2008:

* Did some mayor internal changes due to huge compatibility issues when actually running/using the plugin.
Should be way more stable now, hopefully running on 100% (or at least 99.9% ) of the games.
Also it’s only one .PRX now, not splitted in two anymore, since the main .PRX is now a native kernel mode one.
* The usual minor bug fixes
* Added a new feature to patch/overwrite the SFO params/info on save (see readme)

Download Savegame Deemer v1.1.0

Release Thread

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Roe says:

Nice release man, works on all my games except Monster Hunter Freedom, it gives me the error

Save failed.


Acerthief says:

Great Ass Job!

Monster Hunter 2 with max power, muhahahaha

janjan says:

nice guys

ptlomeoXXX says:

very good

jx233 says:

does it work in 3.52 m33?

Hellcat says:

It's supposed to, yes.

Well, it works in 3.40-OE, so it should be fine :)

jx233 says:

ok, good

sipantek says:

save game deemer not working on time machine 3.40 oe

I updated my friend's psp to 4.01 m33-2 but his save data become corrupted so I use time machine to boot 3.40 oe, I thought I can use save game deemer to convert the save data to compatible one, but it just won't run on 3.40 oe TM, I have enabled it but I don't get the lag when I save and there is no saveplain folder

solstice says:

is it still working???

sorry here.

noizy0000 says:

deemer help

i have phat psp running 5.00 m33-6 and enabled the plugin and when i save it doesnt create the SAVEPLAIN folder

Hellcat says:

Did you try with other games?

Do you get the delay/lag when saving?

noizy0000 says:

yes i did try and no i dont get lag when im saving

computerdog says:

Hellcat, what is the best way to edit the sddata.bin file which is located in the painsave folder?

and also, how do I extract the savegame data from my original save so that I can insert it into the sddata file?

Hellcat says:

pain save *lol* nice one :D

Anyway, grab your fav hexeditor and go wild.

Just load and re-save, it'll get dumped on save then.

computerdog says:

Haha... painsave! Yeah, it currently feels like it :-) Will do a search for a hexeditor but would appreciate a recommmendation.

Also, I don't understand how this will work. Maybe this isn't the correct tool for what I'm trying to do. I currently have a file that won't load because I have upgraded to cfw 5.00 M33-6. I created the saved file when I was running cfw 3.90 M33-2. When I try and load the saved file it says, "Load failed. The data is corrupted." It seems it is only this game as I have managed to load all my other previous saved files from other games.

I have tried using freecheat and SED here but my screen goes blank at step 5.

So x3sphere has suggested this tool but after reading your readme I don't understand how I can get the data out of my original saved file?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hellcat says:

Ah, OK, if you've been struck be the newer-FW-doesnt-load-old-savedata you dont need a hexeditor.

Downgrade to 3.90, load the plugin and save your gamesave again (to get an unencrypted dump).

Update again to 5.00m33 (or w/e) and load (with Deemer enabled) the (unencrypted) gamesave and re-save.

You should then have a new gamesave that works on the new FW and you can disable Deemer again.

Infiny says:

Hello, I tried to dl your plugin but dead link.


ultimakillz says:

here is a mirror:

jarniboi says:

I am on 5.50 GEN-D3 and i have deemer installed and enabled via the recovery menu. I ran Smackdown vs Raw 2011 and saved the game.

Then reconnected my PSP via USB to my PC and it had the folder Savedataplain. I opened it up and it only had one file which is ULUS10543.bin and nothing else.

I have no .SFO file or SDATA.BIN. can anyone help please.

I have all plugins disabled and even tried it with smackdown vs raw 2010 it just generates a bin file nothing else. I also do get the lag.

you say: