GameStop Prices PS Vita Memory Cards for US

by Mike Bendel November 26, 2011 @ 10:35 pm

Retailer GameStop has launched its pre-order hub for the PS Vita and in doing so, revealed the prices for memory cards, which range in¬†capacity¬†from 4GB to 32GB. It’s been widely reported that nearly all Vita titles will require secondary storage, despite the game cards themselves having writable space to store data. Some, like Uncharted, won’t boot up at all without a dedicated memory card.

Here’s the breakdown of prices:

4GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card – $29.99
8GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card – $44.99
16GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card – $69.99
32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card – $119.99

Unfortunately, these prices hardly differ from their Japanese equivalents. Like the PSP, Sony is forcing consumers to adopt a proprietary design instead of offering alternatives through commonplace formats like SD flash memory. Time will tell if third-party solutions pop up, but until then it looks like we’ll have to deal with the price gouging.

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Abe Froeman says:

I hate that these cards are being used.

omnipotent says:

wow that is a deal!!! I'm going to spend $300 dollars for the system $110 dollars and $50 bucks to play a game. total 460 bucks to play final fantasy ten that i can play on my ps3 or ps2 for zero additional money

Dan says:

Oh Sony, why do you never listen to the public?

eldiablov says:

Same. I'm just waiting for the chinese to rip it off and drive down prices.

Trigun says:


Didn't I tell you guys eh?

ENJOY the price gouging on par with PSP launch days, but much worse since no basic memory card comes with the system and games REQUIRE Memory Cards.

Craig Fairfax says:

Wow $70 for a 16gb memory card.

hush404 says:

Sigh, memory cards should be a thing of the past. Honestly. Slap some flash memory in that sucker and get on with it :P

Ecko says:

I guess Sony will never learn.

Ozito says:

Screw it! Still buying it day 1!

FrozenIpaq says:

They're probably using it as an opportunity to make up for the profit loss that will come with the PS Vita's launch. It's coming out at a competitive price itself so I'm not entirely surprised by this.

Would've preferred a MicroSD or SD solution but for Sony it's all about obscurity being their best security.

ultimakillz says:

nah, that'll be available in the vita go model.

you say: