RacePSP: Neo Geo Pocket Emulator For PSP

by Mike Bendel March 9, 2008 @ 3:55 pm

You can now add RacePSP to the ever-expanding library of emulators for PSP. RacePSP, developed by homebrew specialist Flavor, emulates both the original Neo Geo Pocket (NGP) and Neo Geo Pocket Color (NGPC) and uses SDL under the hood.

Bare in mind that this is the initial release. As such, the author notes that users might experience graphical and audio glitches with a select few ROMs.

Download RacePSP

Testing, Release Imminent (I Hope) [Flavor]

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WhiteCrane says:

my oh my. i thought SNK color was superior to GBA until i saw this things graphics.

Cheezeball99 says:

OH GOD YES! FINALLY A BETTER NGPC EMU THAN e[mulator]! (hopefully)

I'll test this out and report back with my findings right away!:biggrin:

Cheezeball99 says:

I know it's a double-post, sue me!:wink:

This port freakin' ROCKS. It works fairly flawlessly! I love it! So much better than e[mulator] at NGPC emulation it's ridiculous! Now give me a SegaCD emu and the PSP will be the best piece of gaming equipment EVER:w00t:

panjanglsd says:

Hmm, will check this out. I always love the NGPC. Still have fond memories of it.

rocklite says:

WOW Thanks for the awesome release! Theres still a lot of work that can be done on emulators for psp and im very excited to see ngpc running almost flawlessly.

It will be a lot nicer once you can savestate and stuff but atm this is the BEST option for ngpc on the psp! Thank you for ensuring that SLEEP mode is functioning!

bigbadtony79 says:

Hay Cheezeball99 send me an email and i will send you the SegaCD emu.

mine is bigbadtony79 at yahoo.

Cheezeball99 says:

Actually man, it's okay, I'm a complete idiot, I didn't realize that Picodrive for PSP played SegaCD games! It's official- The PSP is absolutely priceless. I could actually get rid of my laptop now and do everything on my PSP (other than type/print papers easily)

Hanzo_f19 says:

Give it to me, give it to me! **sounds like a 5-year-old kid**

panjanglsd says:

After testing this emulator, i must say "Brilliant work!". If you can solve the "screech-and-slowness-when-saving" issue, then you are done!

BONGO says:

How do I get homebrew enabled?

panjanglsd says:

Just unzip and put the whole folder in the GAME folder.

panjanglsd says:

BTW, will there be a new release soon? Hopefully, with the auto-saving bugs solved? Thanks

Flavor says:

What bugs are you talking about? If you don't like the way that the autosave works, I suggest turning off the "Write Savegame File Periodically" feature. It shouldn't hurt anything, in theory.

panjanglsd says:

The bug i mean is the high screeching sound that emits when the game auto save, like what a NGPC do when you finish parts of the game. The game still save but the screeching and the lag in saving can be irritating.

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