Rumor: Nvidia Prepping Slimmed Down GK110 With 5GB VRAM, Possible GTX 780?

by Mike Bendel March 18, 2013 @ 2:48 pm

Citing unnamed sources, a report from Swedish overclocking site Sweclockers claims Nvidia is prepping a slimmed down card based on its GK110 Kepler architecture. Reportedly, the card will boast 5GB of VRAM on a 320-bit memory bus, coupled with 2496 CUDA cores. The same site broke the news of Nvidia’s Geforce Titan ahead of its announcement, so there’s a good chance this information is on the mark.

Comparatively, the GeForce Titan has 2688 CUDA cores, a 384-bit memory bus, 6 GB of GDDR5. Therefore, this card is looking like a slight downgrade, at least on paper. It would however, fill the price gap nicely between the $500 GTX680 and $1000 Titan, especially if Nvidia has a second cut-down variant ready, like a GTX770.

The card will reportedly launch around July to August. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t expect Nvidia to price these too aggressively unless AMD has new cards in the pipeline as well.

LocutusEstBorg says:

I was hoping the top of the line GTX 780 would be more powerful than the Titan.

Trigun says:

Same here...Titan isn't that huge of a step up gaming wise from the 680 unless you go into ultra high-res triple monitor setups.

I mean at least the Compute performance is back up..but if the 780 is downsized from the Titan, then we can probably expect poorer compute performance again..

x3sphere says:

If the card is based on GK110 compute performance should be good, just slightly slower than a Titan... the rumored info puts it close to 10% below on paper, assuming it's not gimped in other ways of course.

What will matter is pricing, if it's $800 it won't really be a better value than a Titan.

Maxwell (NV's new architecture) isn't due until 2014 so I expected something like this to happen.

Trigun says:

Stacked DRAM? Hm.

Still, they could intentionally gimp it like GK104. But seeing as it will probably be marketed as a premium GPU you are probably right.

800$ Though I agree, is not a good value. This card should be 750$ at the farthest extreme. At 650$ it would be a good value compared to the 680. Though i'm not so sure how much of a value it will present in contrast to the 7970 Ghz Edition. Which I think is only like 450$?

LocutusEstBorg says:

What if they stick to tradition and launch the GTX 780 at $499 like the GTX 480, 580 and 680.

x3sphere says:

Depends on AMD I'd say. At least in the past, Nvidia has price gouged with no competition -- 8800 Ultra launched at $850, 8800 GTX $650. It wasn't until AMD came out with the 4800 series that Nvidia dropped prices. Since then, they've been pretty competitive so GPU prices have remained low/stable.

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