Giveaway: City of Steam: Arkadia Gift Code

by Mike Bendel December 3, 2013 @ 11:20 am

With the holidays in full swing we’re in the gifting spirit! We’ve teamed up with Mechanist Games, developer of City of Steam, to hand out several gift codes for City of Steam: Arkadia. The industrial-age fantasy RPG is powered by Unity3D, meaning it can run inside your browser.

We covered the game previously back when it was entering its alpha and beta phase over a year ago. Since then, Mechanist has made significant changes to the game and severed ties with publisher R2 Games — City of Steam is now  a self-published effort.

The gift codes we’re handing out will unlock a Growth Pack, which includes the following in-game goodies to get you started. You can redeem the code once City of Steam: Arkadia releases tomorrow, December 4 at 9:00 PM EST. More information is available on the City of Steam website.

10× Strong Health Quaff
10× Strong Steam Quaff
1× Level 1 Mod Box
5× Keys
5× Alloys
20× Transmuter Orb
2× Transmuter Coolant
1× Broadcast Ticket
100× Spiremarks
1× Spiked Goggles
1× Vented Goggles
1× Drum Tophat

To claim your code, all you need to do is post a comment below noting your interest and we’ll send along a message with redemption details to the email associated with your account. Emails will go out every minute after new comments are received.

johnd says:

Noting interest. ;)

Played it back in alpha and this looks like a nice way to get a good quick start.

Osinagi says:

noting your interest

RedWeb says:

noting your interest

PiNocciO says:

I am very interested in a key because I love CoS and am very excited for the release tomorrow. Also noting interest because I think it is gonna support me having a quick and successful start.

Vandel212 says:

Yes Please

kribban says:

Would be nice, yes :)

demix says:

Noting my interest =] wouldn't mind a code :D

Rezudox says:

I would like one!

merifeo says:

Im waiting.. i miss my level 38 warder. Ruinous Onslaught my fave skills.. LOL

Wakasix says:

noting your interest

PinkChameleon says:

I would love one! :D

Furgas93 says:

I love steampunk and anything related to it. I am looking forward to play this game as soon as it would be possible!

iSpank says:

EPIC MMORPG Game, i hope Mechanist Arkidia bring new levels of Awesomeness ^^

yoshino says:

noting interest! I love steampunk and I can't wait to play this game!! :P

yoshino says:

thank you a lot!! :D

udjinn says:

noting your interest

adrian87 says:

I would like a key to please.

kbrownridge says:

Interest duly noted.

JazXen says:

.... Nice... cant wait to play this game...

TunaOddfellow says:

I am interested in the pack of course. I began playing the game while it was in alpha and have seen it go through it's ups and down. I can't wait till tonight.

RipperNyght says:

Definitely interested in getting a gift code. I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for the re release of the game. My email here and name is the same as the game site. ----- RipperNyght

Orion says:

I would like a gift code please!

jhonatanpaz says:

noting your interest

volkmeer says:

Cant wait to play! Gift code me!

Ectso says:

Would love a code, noting mah interest.

scarstopido says:

welcome back CoS: Arkadia :) i and my friends here at shop were waiting your come back, we can't wait to play again... more power ! ! :)

scarstopido says:

welcome back CoS: Arkadia :) i and my friends here at shop were waiting your come back, we can't wait to play again... more power ! ! :)

EpicSlayer says:

one code :D

EpicSlayer says:

one code :D

noting your interest

shamonna says:

Noting your interest

code please :D

Sprkey says:

Interest Noting :D

RiderViper says:

Glad to see it's back.

I sure do miss the game, the players I met while playing and the cosmetics. Looking forward to meeting my friends again and collecting all those cosmetics.

Cerlus says:

Noting interest


KarinuaRain says:

Super interested!

Penquin says:

I love gaming, turtles, and steampunk related things. Thanks in advance.

KingApollyon says:

i love CoS....

KingApollyon says:

i love CoS....

frontgunner says:

I would love one please. I played in alpha and its was quite fun and I want experience this new level of awesome..

Avalia says:

I've been playing since Alpha - its been quite a journey!

Karma says:

Very interested :D

vitalya200598 says:


vitalya200598 says:

Normik)Love Arcadia

vitalya200598 says:

Normik)Love Arcadia

blazkowicz646 says:

i would love a key!

ereklezakii says:

I would like a gift code please!

Kevlaer says:

I would like a code

Cemaris says:

I'm interested in a code please. :)

jad999 says:

I'm interested in a code. Thank you.

KiishaaN says:

I want the code please... srry 4 late ask....

Kikyo says:

Nothing Your Insterest,,,

Give me code ^^

ron646464 says:

Code please?

sting says:

My friend said to post here to get 100 spinemarks

yololife says:


freakxion69 says:

noting your interest


fhyjyul says:

i love it big

fhyjyul says:

i love it big

fhyjyul says:


fhyjyul says:

im hungry

fhyjyul says:

im hungry

Sindee says:

Game seems cool; noting interest

rastafarius says:

Enjoying the game so far, interested in a code

maenie05 says:

nothing your interest

jurgen0909 says:

code please

kariasthearcher says:

i'm interested in the code

kariasthearcher says:

it's a good game

Dramm says:

Just started and been fun so far, code still available? :)

Maquina says:

Free on Steam, any codes still available would be appreciated.

Fear says:

Nice :D

Fear says:

1x Spiked Goggles

Fear says:

1x Spiked Goggles

Fear says:

1x Spiked Goggles

berde says:

sir i need promo code for city of steam plz. tnx

neoncoyote says:

Code please :) Love this game!

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