Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher For PSP

by Mike Bendel August 4, 2008 @ 11:35 pm

Homebrew developer Hellcat dropped by our forums today to release a nifty utility that can easily restore semi-bricked PSP units without Pandora.

Dubbed Recovery Flasher, the application can be run from within the recovery menu on any PSP running custom firmware. Upon launch, users are presented with a number of options, allowing them to back-up and restore content on the PSP’s flash memory, ranging from XMB theme files to license data associated with PSN store purchases. Furthermore, it is possible to install 3.71 M33 from within the flasher, which is useful for those who are stuck with a semi-brick or simply wish to downgrade from a later M33 release.

What is this? And why?

* Flashes a fresh 3.71-M33 – for recovering semi-bricks or to
up-/downgrade CFW
* does not use Pandora, runns from the recovery menu or the XMB
* does not use (as in launch) the original Sony Updater (only extracts
all required files from the original .PBP)
* runs fine on CFWs lower than 3.52-M33-3 – handy for upgrading older
FWs w/o the “need to go 3.52, then 3.52-3, then higher” odyssey
* runs fine from TimeMachine (3.40-OE on Fat and 3.60-M33 on Slim)
* can backup the FW flash and restore selected parts (XMB theme,
settings, PSN activation)

Download Recovery Flasher

Release Thread

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silver_surfer says:

Thanks for sharing this very useful application! :wink:

koyut says:

I was hoping there is one where I could get a nand dump without pandora. Great app for people with TA-088 mobo's like myself.

Edit: Good One. ^^

x_fox81 says:

Thanks for creating the release! definitely help those without pandora's batt :biggrin:

Hmm Hellcat since you are here just to check with you the link to download the application. It shown that im having a d/l @ the moment which im not even i retry after 30mins. can you advise on this? Thanks!

okie.. now done

aet92 says:

hey everybody can i downgrade a psp slim with from an official fw or i need pandora to downgrade from a official fw

but always great tool for semi bricks!

Richlando says:

The link is fine,just checked it myself.And if you have OFW you still need Pandora.As the 1st line says:CFW..

Great app Hellcat,very well done,thanks for all your hard work!! Keep it up!

Side note:(Why can't I login on the Home page on my PS3??)

Hanzo_f19 says:

Yes!! This is awsum, great, ORGASMIC! Thank you soooo much, you have no ideia of how usefull this is for me.

richie390 says:

When are you gonna release the one for 4.01 M33-2

silver_surfer says:

@ richie390:

there's no need for CFW 4.01 m33-2 because you can just update from CFW 3.71 m33 to 4.01 m33-2

B2K24 says:

Very useful app. thanks so much.

So many people I encounter say I got 3.02 OE-A and this makes things so much easier.

Hellcat says:

Yap, while you can have the 4.01 update right along the recovery app, the next version will be able to install 4.01-M33-2 as well (you can choose which one you like).

It'll also come with an additional .ELF binary that can be used from a Pandora stick, so you can flash the 4.01 directly to a PSP from Pandora, as long as there's no DDCv6 :)

However, I got one last issue on the Slim I have to resolve....

richie390 says:

Well like do you know a specific date?

silver_surfer says:

@ Hellcat: I see thanks for the heads up! :wink:

mopargk says:

Welcome back. And thanks for all the brain strain and sweat on this one

Hellcat says:

Glad you all like it that much :)

Not really.... it really depends on when I find the answer to my problem.... could be today, in a week, in a year.... who konws....

silver_surfer says:

@ Hellcat:

sir after trying out this application I can't turn on my Slim PSP CFW 3.90 m33-3

just a black screen with the green light turning on for a few seconds..

I just use my Pandora Kit to return to normal condition.. :wink:

davd says:

i start the ap in the left corner it ses loading ... it goos away its back end i get the notice text end stil loading in the left corner but when i want to set the arrow on i aggree i wont the arrow dousen't moove :s i'm now waiting 1:48 ouwers end the loading doucent go awai end i stil can't move it :s now i turn my psp off end my selec butter is prest the hole time in :s so when i want to type sumthing in my internet browser i can't becous it alwasy set to big lettes low letters end numbers end i cent stop it my home butten doucent work i cant use it when im playing music (select buttern 2) end when im in a game end i pres home i just get the gray sreen but i get set it to yes to end the game so i must turn my psp off my hold butter words but when im waching a move end i turn the hold butten on it works like the home butten if i want to set my screen brichter i get the mute end my mute butter doucent work at all im on 4.01m33-2 cen you help me plz :s??

badwhip says:

i have cf 4.o1m33 my psp semi bricked when i tried to downgrade. i can get to the recovery menu.so when i tried to use this program it said i must have 2.73 version or higher to work. i dont understand htis as the last fw on mypsp was cf4.01m33. any suggestions on how to get it to work?

Hellcat says:


That's weird. Did it spit out any errors?


Sounds like you have a hardware problem with the keys of your PSP.... there nothing I can do about that.


Is it a Fat PSP with 1.50 addon?

silver_surfer says:

@ Hellcat:

it did not give any error.. it just shut down after pressing a button after "press any button to shutdown.... "


I found the solution to my problem.. :blushing:

what I deed was use may normal battery not may service mode battery

then after installing CFW 3.71 m33 I remove the battery then insert it again..

viola! conflict resolved! :biggrin:

badwhip says:

yes i have a fat psp and it had the 1.5 add on. any suggestion on how to fix.

Hellcat says:

*** UPDATE *** UPDATE *** UPDATE ***



Here it comes :D



can now install 4.01-M33-2 as well

installs 3.71-M33-4 now instead of plain 3.71-M33

comes now with an additional .ELF binary to be used from a Pandora stick (up to DDCv5, on v6 you can use the EBOOT version)

added a simlple filebrowser like thing for launching additional apps from /PSP/GAME

added option to override "battery low" warning

added version check of the updater .PBP used for FW extraction

*** UPDATE *** UPDATE *** UPDATE ***


(first post has been updated with new download :))

silver_surfer says:

@ Hellcat:

nice work! thanks for the update! :wink:

aero125 says:

Hi Hellcat,

Pandora can't boot a TA-088v3 board, so flashing a CFW to it with DC is impossible now.

The Recovery Flasher designed by u can flash CFW onto a psp w/o pandora, so does it mean you have overcome the downgrade problem faced by the homebrew community now on the new board/cpu ?

Or that the recovery flasher can only work with an existing CFW (already downgraded) set ?

Thk u.

Hellcat says:

It needs an existing CFW, that lets you at least into the recovery menu.

gallantdestroyer says:

sorry for being noob,

but can anyone tell me the different between Fully bricked psp and semi-bricked one.. or if there any other forum you can refer me to..

silver_surfer says:

@ gallantdestroyer:

Brick = When the PSP won't turn on

Semi Brick = When PSP will enter recovery mode but won't turn on

Full Brick = When PSP won't access recovery mode or turn on

ruler says:

this is awesome

Hellcat says:

*** UPDATE *** UPDATE *** UPDATE ***



Due to quite some requests and quite some "sensemaking", here's just another tiny update:



Updater .PBPs are now also looked for in the memstick root

So, if you already have the .PBPs you need in your memsticks root, you no longer have to copy them into the recovery folder as well.

It still looks first in the recovery folder for the files (for those not having it on a Pandora stick and want to keep the folder structure clean) and if it can't find the .PBPs in the recovery folder it looks in the root for them - so, your choice where to put them :D

And for those who didn't catch the last update, for the log the list of 1.20 changes again :)



can now install 4.01-M33-2 as well

installs 3.71-M33-4 now instead of plain 3.71-M33

comes now with an additional .ELF binary to be used from a Pandora stick (up to DDCv5, on v6 you can use the EBOOT version)

added a simlple filebrowser like thing for launching additional apps from /PSP/GAME

added option to override "battery low" warning

added version check of the updater .PBP used for FW extraction

*** UPDATE *** UPDATE *** UPDATE ***


(first post has been updated with new download :))

silver_surfer says:

@ Hellcat:

thanks for update! testing it right now..

gallantdestroyer says:

@ silver_surfer

Thanks buddy.. because i quite confuse with them..

badwhip says:

any wy to get this to work with 4.01m33 with kernal 1.5 it keeps saying need software 2.71 or above. thanks

Hellcat says:

run it in 4.xx kernel mode (check the config in the rec.menu that /PSP/GAME is set to 4.xx mode).

AFAIK once the 1.50 addon is installed everything started via the rec.menu's function is always launched in 1.50 kernel - in that case use one of the older flashing tools that are available from the 3.52 and earlier days.

And for the future, just stay away from the 1.50 addon :p You see, it's evil :p

Illegal Machine says:

More like gay.

I still don't understand why the 1.5 kernel is sooooo special.. ALL my brew works in 4.xx

and better than 1.5 ever was to top it off. why do people love it so much? SNES runs better in 4.xx anyway

and Hellcat.. this app is kickass. All I needed it for was to restore my old Pandora battery to normal, and make a new one from a different battery.

But now I have a New Pandora Battery and MMS that both have the same matching GOLD PRINT. SO I will always know which one my MMS and Batery are :)


Antamusa says:

Hi everybody,

is it possible to downgrade from 4.05 ofw?

many many thanks!

Hellcat says:

Only with Pandora, no other way.

GreyWolf79 says:

I unfortunately upgraded to 4.01M33 and found out belatedly that popsloader no longer works. I was happy to find your Recovery Flasher so I could downgrade. I followed the intructions, and when it got to the firmware installation screen, I got errors when the updater modules were loaded and the installation was aborted. Is there a possibility that I did somthing incorrectly? Thanks in advance for any info.

GreyWolf79 says:

Disregard my last post. The firmware file that I tried using must have been corrupt. I downloaded a fresh file and it worked like a champ. Thanks again.

gjsnoop says:

i have it installed to my psp fat but i will click start and it says the game could not be started and below it it says (80020148 PLZ HELP

gjsnoop says:



gjsnoop says:


Hellcat says:


Let me guess, you're running Sony original firmware? No go there, mate, need a CFW!

Oh, and please, loose the caps lock, OK?

gjsnoop says:

oh well is there a way to get cfw without pandoras battery

silver_surfer says:

@ gjsnoop:

Pandora is the only way specially for Slim PSP

Hellcat says:

*** UPDATE *** UPDATE *** UPDATE ***



Here it comes :D



changed the path where the Pandora RFLASH.ELF looks for the original


It now looks for the EBOOT as RFLASH.DAT (simply rename it) and when

not found it looks for /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP


added detection of TimeMachine and disabled backup/restore functions

on there, since they don't work propperly on TM.

Complete firmware restore (see below) DOES work fine and is still

enabled on TM.


added "slots" for the backup functions.

With those you can have multiple independant sets of backups on your

stick and use them directely without needing to rename folders.

If you DO rename the seperate backup slot folders, their new names

will correctly show up in the Flasher - so you can give them

descriptive names that tell you whats in there.


extended the functionality of the backup/restore options.

You can now restore a complete firmware (flash0) regardless of what's

currently installed.

The flash0 files' signcheck is removed during backup and recreated on

restore, so you can even move and flash the backed up firmware on

another PSP (as long as it is the same model, i.e. no Fat FW on a Slim

and vice versa, model is checked to match before flashing to avoid


This might also come in handy for people wanting to flash firmwares

not nativly supported by Recovery Flasher, like 3.60-M33, which never

can be supported since there's no updater for it to extract it from,

but with the right backup you can install it anyway.

Also note that for restoring a complete FW you also need the target

FWs official updater to be on the memstick (RECOVERY folder or

memstick root) as some updater modules are required for initializing

the flash!

(for 3.60 use the 3.52 updater.)

*** UPDATE *** UPDATE *** UPDATE ***


(first post has been updated with new download :))

silver_surfer says:

wow another update! thanks Hellcat! keep it up! :biggrin:

d1ddy says:

good shit

Hanzo_f19 says:

arigato gozaimasu! :)

jx233 says:

recovery flasher

good job Hellcat! :w00t:

this app is very helpful and useful.

But what confuses me is the 3.60 restore.

why does there have to be a 352.PBP? is it updater modules from the 3.52 DATA.PSP that is needed; or are the rcos and prxs from the 3.52 PSAR needed?

sorry if i sound like a noob, but that is a question I need answered.

Hellcat says:

It's some modules from the DATA.PSP that are needed (that goes for every FW that's going to be restored).

All the other stuff (.RCO, .PRX, IPL) comes from the backup itself.

And since 3.60 is more or less a 3.52, only with Slim hardware drivers instead of Fat ones, the 3.52 updater will do just fine.

B2K24 says:

Thank you for your work Hellcat. I'll be updating my stick right now.

These new features will be fun to play with.

Thanks so much for your work!!!!!

jx233 says:

ok, i get it.

plus, the 3.52 updater modules were also used in FreePlay's 3.60 flasher.

and Hellcat, fabulous app you made!

I'm waiting for the day that anyone makes a 3.60-M33 Universal Flasher.

It could be possible.

An installer that flashes (CFW) 3.60 for most PSP Slims (no TA-088 V3)

but it would be an EBOOT.

all you would need to do is get 360.PSAR (the CFW files)+ 352.PBP( for update modules) and the app would do the rest of the work.

(btw,this is just speculation.)

Hellcat says:

Or just restore a 3.60 backup to any Slim you wanna have 3.60-M33 on :D

It does almost what you describe above, only that it doesn't use the 360.PSAR, but it's own backup instead.


mopargk says:

@ Illegal Mach

A couple of dots of paint, from a model brush, works good for id'ing all my pandora stuff.

just a thought....

@ Hellcat

thought .1 was the bees knees. And now with all the fixes, adding, and with the updutes. I have say " WELL DONE "

I would still like to know where the brain power

comes from? Is it genetic or does it just pop up

every so often? WHAATEVER it is...lol...Great job on the software...And in case we (your humble followers) haven't said it enough. Thank You for your hard work. Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You. There that should hold ya, well.., for a couple days.

And that from someone who can't draw straight line with a ruler......

jx233 says:


i know it works, and its great!

but can some dev make a seperate/alternate 3.60-M33 installer that utilizes a 360.PSAR and 3.52 updater modules.

btw, nice app Hellcat! :)

inocent00 says:


DarkEdition says:

The link is dead, please upload a new one.. Ty :D

Hellcat says:

Just checked, link working fine.... :)

jx233 says:

a bug

since this is an app for 3.xx, it doesn't work on 1.50 kernel PSPs.

this app works on 3.60 M33 and higher only.

there is a bug in this app for 3.52 M33-4 and all lower CFW.


your app does a firmware dump on 3.52 and it messes up the folders: 3.52 kernel is kn folder, but app changes it to kd in backup.


plus your app forgets to dump 1.50 kernel which is the real kd folder in all se, oe, and up to 3.52 m33.


module and nodule folders have same exact files.

all of that will lead to a BRICK!

jx233 says:

clarification of the bugs.

sorry Hellcat, if i sounded harsh, because i wasn't trying to be.

i just wanted to point out the bugs that I found.

those bugs are for 1.50 hybrid CFW ( 2.71 SE through 3.52 M33)

this app's firmware backup/restore only works on CFW independent of 1.50 ( example: 3.71 m33)

*bugs 1 and bug 2 cause a brick. bug 3 wastes flash0 space.

btw, all other functions work fine, only full flash0 restore/backup is bugged. (in 3.52 or lower only)

the bugs do NOT exist in 3.60 or higher.

i hope this info helps :)

Hellcat says:

Indeed the full backup/restore isn't really intended for FW below 3.60.

Flashing, however, works fine (with a valis 3.60 or higher backup).

Didn't think of that so far since the intention of the app was for use on the higher FWs *lol*

I think I'll just disable the backup functions for those FWs in the next version - maybe I'll even make them compatible, not sure yet :p

ssagajisw says:


Marcel69 says:

Thx !


How do I take a screenshot of the recovery flasher? ;)

ffactoryxx says:

So I have the 3.03 OE - C firmware from like 2 years ago. Your saying I could just load this up and it will automatically update my FW to the newest 4.01 M33-2???

After that i am good to go??

What about bricking or the whole pandora battery thing


jx233 says:

yeah, this app should get firmware checking.

3.52 and lower be disabled for flash0 backup/restore.

the error message for 3.52 and lower for flash0 backup/restore should be "This function is compatible for 3.60 and higher. Sorry."

*but at least with flash backup, i could get the IPL dumped/extracted. (needed it for various reasons)

thanks Hellcat! :)

Hellcat says:


Yes, you can directely flash a 4.01-M33-2 from you current 3.03-OE one :)


I decided to take the longer road, I am currently making the backup/restore fully compatible with 3.52 and earlier CFWs :D

jx233 says:


well good luck Hellcat!


this is speculation but You may possibly create a "Recovery Flasher 01g" for Phat PSP.

And a seperate "Recovery Flasher 02g" for Slim.

But its not likely. Its just "Recovery Flasher" for all PSPs now.

btw, is the RFlash for 3.52 and earlier gonna be Recovery Flasher 1.40?

Hellcat says:

It'll all be in one single app, running fine on Slim and Fat, it's supposed to take care of all situations that it might encounter (as 3.52 and below, for example).

And since the compatibility for those earlier CFWs is more or less only a bugfix, it's going to be 1.31.

jx233 says:


ok, but take your time on this.

and good luck too.

and is there any (possible) way to get this to work in 1.50 kernel? :confused1:

(even if 1.5 is defunct, its still useful to PSP Phat owners) :biggrin:

btw, someone should start a Hellcat Fan Group on this site. :w00t:

Hellcat says:

*lol* ;)

Yeah, it would be possible to make a build that runns on 1.50.... but it would not be able to flash M33 CFWs though....

The backup/restore fix is pretty much done....

enzyteguy says:

so why do you need the official 4.01 firmware or the 3.71 official firmware when you first install the app?

enzyteguy says:

Nevermind the last post lol.

Thank you Hellcat this is the best tool i have found yet :)

dubiyus says:

The situation: Upgraded phat to 4.01 M33-2. Got the bright idea to try to use the fatmsmod patch for 3.80/3.90. Reboot to a semi-brick, have recovery menu but nothing else. Look around for a while and try to find some way to fix it without a pandora. Tried the recovery flasher that was included with 3.02 OE and it just goes to the black screen and then shuts down. Tried a couple of different things, eventually just give up and order a premade pandora. Backup what I wanted from the memory stick and then delete everything I could in preparation to make a magic stick. Then I stumbled across this. Still haven't recieved the pandora so I thought I had found the quicker answer. But when I try running it from the recovery menu (both 4.xx and 1.50 kernels) the same thing happens. BSOD and a few seconds later power off.

Any suggestions?

Hellcat says:

You have the 1.50 addon installed?

In that case EBOOTs are always launched in 1.50 kernel from the recovery menu, AFAIK.

And this tool doesn't run on 1.50, but it makes me wonder why the 3.02-OE recovery eboot doesn't work then....

Well, alongside with another bugfix, I am currently finishing a just-for-fun build of Recovery Flasher that runns on 1.50 :D (limited functionality, but backup/restore works).

Maybe that just-for-fun thing could indeed make sense to recover PSPs with the 1.50 addon.... looks like I'm gonna d/l and install the addon to do some testing....

Like mentioned above, I modified it a bit to get a build that runns on a plain, original, unpatched 1.50 :D

The fresh install function will most likely not work (yet have to test them) so I'll take them out of the 1.50 build, but backup/restore works fine, so given you have a propper backup of the FW you wish to go to, you can then do so straight from (or to) 1.50 :D:D:D

Sweet, already did a backup of the 1.50, restored back to 4.01-M33 and restored back to 1.50 *lol*

dubiyus says:

I'm 99.8% sure I DID NOT install the 1.50 addon. But it was late so I can't remember 100%. Normally I wouldn't have a need for it so I doubt I would have installed it.

Does this program require any files that would normally be on the memory stick? Any prx modules or anything? Like I said...I deleted near everything off the stick before trying to run this. Or maybe it's what the fatmsmod modifies that's keeping it from loading? Just poking at ideas.

Edit: Went into the flash0 and manual changed 3 of the pspbt*.prx files(the 4th didn't seem to have a reference to fatms371.prx or friend) then deleted the fatms371 and fatms371_friend files. That SHOULD have undone the fatmsmod...unless it modifies something other than what it says in the readme. Outcome is the same. BSOD > shutdown.

jx233 says:

1.50 + 3.52 m33-4

ok, if your program detects 1.50, it should load a different menu.

that menu would have:

-backup/restore functions for 1.50, 1.50 CFW, and CFW 2.71 SE to 3.52 M33-4

-registry functions

- it should say "flash a fresh 3.52 M33-4" (instead of 3.71 m33-4 or 4.01 m33-2) when it detects 1.50 kernel mode.

here is one question from curiousity:

1. is there, by any chance, 1.00 kernel compatibility? (1.00 is definetly more defunct and useless than 1.5, but it never hurts to ask. )

and here is a suggestion:

and when you make a port to 1.5, keep it a single EBOOT and NO KXPLOIT please. :smile:

btw, thanks Hellcat for all that effort you're putting into your apps. :w00t:

Hellcat says:

:) Glad you enjoy it that much :)

The build for 1.50 is a seperate EBOOT, for quite some reasons - the kXploit beeing only one among quite some others....

....and no, no real chance of getting it to run on 1.00.

And here we go now:


Changes on 1.32 since 1.30

fixed a flaw in the backup/restore functions that made them going haywire on CFWs of 3.52 and below when restoring a full firmware from a backup.

Now works fine on those lower CFWs as well :)

Well, this one is more "just for fun" than meant serious.... I made an additional build of the app, that runns on unpatched, virgin, original 1.50 :D

Restoring and creating backups works as fine as installing a fresh M33 CFW (3.71/4.01) - YES, you can go from 1.50 STRAIGHT AND NONSTOP to a fresh 4.01-M33 this way!

The other way round also works: restoring a 1.50 from a backup when running on 4.01.

(this might also help people having installed the 1.50 AddOn and so unable to use the original build)

First post suffered the same fate as this app: It got UPDATED ;)

silver_surfer says:

Thanks for Update Hellcat! :smile:

banneduser9 says:

Version fran

Hellcat says:

Install ELF-Menu as ressurection replacement and launch Recovery-Flasher through that :)

Hanzo_f19 says:

Thanks you. This app is awesome.

jx233 says:

clear this up

ok, i'm confused. sorry :confused1:

but Rflash comes with two apps now.

are they the standard 3.xx RFLASH and the 1.50 RFLASH?

and does the 1.50 RFlash have update to 3.71 m33/4.01 m33 function?

i'm unfortunatly confused Hellcat.

can you explain more in detail?

Hellcat says:

Yes, it does :)

The 1.50 build is pretty much the same than the original one, only that it runs on 1.50 :)

jx233 says:


all understood, now i can run the 1.50 RFLASH from RECOVERY MENU, but i dont have to worry about bricks, cuz i got a Pandora Battery, a MagicStick, and two TimeMachine Sticks.

but i use this app, just in case anything happens. and good work on this Hellcat!! :biggrin:

btw, Hellcat, I almost got a heart-attack :ohmy: when i first got the app (I'm very skinny but almost got a heart attack still!), and tryed it out.

It said "formatting flash0' and I think my heart stopped beating for a second. nice joke!

in the next RFlash, i know a new joke suggestion for when exiting the app, it should say :

"Formatting and repartitioning lflash...ok

Formatting MemoryStick...ok

Erasing Idstorage...ok"

and then 3 seconds later it should say:

"nah, just kidding ;p"

*but that could give a lot of people heart attacks, (LOL) :laugh:


dubiyus says:

you trying to give us middle aged folks real heart attacks or something? 0.o

i guess i'm just gonna wait for the pandora to arrive since I can't seem to figure out why i can't get rflash to run form the recovery menu. hopefully once i get everything back to normal and try out this program it will be all that i've expected it to be. =] thanks to hellcat for at least paying attention to my lack luster posts.........care to help me set up a psp c++ environment? i know programming but know little about setting up anything dealing with c....

jx233 says:


yeah, but my heart almost stopped becuase of fear of a brick, anyways I am YOUNG ( under 20) so it wasn't age that almost gave me the heart attack.

it was Hellcat's message saying "formatting flash0" that scared me. (LOL)

but Hellcat should put in the new joke message that I suggested. :smile:

So Hellcat, what will the next Recovery Flasher have?

jheremy16 says:

How Do you pu cfw

badwhip says:

i cant get this new update to work with 4.01m33 with 1.5add on any chance of an updatethatwill get this done?

BloodHalo117 says:

wait, so i'm tring to get cfw 4.01 m33-2. i have everything. but from the readme it says to put the official Sony 3.71 Update EBOOT into the recovery folder. do i have to do this or not? and by the way my psp has official fw 3.5. if i don't have to put the 3.71 eboot in hte folder, then that means i can directly updtae to 4.01 m33-2, right? and i'm going to get lumines and downgarde to 1.5 first.

ffactoryxx says:

So I am a little bit confused with installation instructions

I want to pujt on 4.01 M-33.

The directions say

Now copy the official Sony 3.71 and/or 4.01 Update EBOOT, renamed

as 371.PBP (401.PBP), into the RECOVERY folder as well, or into the

memsticks root folder.

I am guessing the program will then customize the firmware on the back end ?

46rossifumi46 says:

hello hell cat... im just a newbie in psp... just want to know on how to unbrick my psp which is 4.01 fresh from japan... tnx

Hellcat says:

Full brick? Original FW? Then there's no go for this app.

Semi brick? => It's all in the readme, it's not really rocketsience ;)

jed101500 says:

gudpm sir hellcats, will this flasher work on 3.80 m33-4 or 5?

you mentiones you tried it at 3.90 m33 im just wondering if it will also work on my 3.80 m33-? thanks 4 developing this program

jed101500 says:


Hellcat says:

Yes, will work fine on 3.80-M33 :)

jed101500 says:

thank you.. dis help a lot...

jx233 says:

Hellcat, this don't work on 1.50 at all. It says something kinda like this: "Make sure kernel is set to 3.xx if running on 3.52 or lower. Exiting."

i tried the kxploited version and that didn't work too.

but the flash backup/restore is very very good. :w00t:

nelangel says:

Hi Hellcat,

After trying the UPMS installer V4, my PSP slim got semi-bricked. I was able to access M33 Recovery Menu. I tried your latest release of Recovery Flasher V1.32 knowing that this program does not require a Pandora Battery to unbrick the set. I tried the recommmended way in the readme file, it does not boot to the program when I selected 'Run program at /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP' in the recovery menu, instead the screen just went blank, the power light on for about 10 seconds before the WIFI light blinks once and the set is off. I started to use different ways to get the program started using various ways but the result was the same. I am currently running on 4.01m33-2 CFW with 1.50 addon. I only have 4.xx kernel and 1.50 kernel. Please advise on how to revive my PSP using your program since I dont have a Pandora battery.

Thanks in advance.

adephils says:

i have my psp upgraded to a 3.40 from 3.03 and now my iso do not load so i am trying to upgrade to a 3.71 and for some reason i have the software on my pssp,but it does not seem to be upgrading,at least i think i have it because it shows on the game stick menu of my psp.please someone help,because i still can't play the iso,they just keep loading but never seem to start

Hellcat says:


You say your SLIM bricked, but then you say you're running the 1.50 addon? I is confuzzed....


First off, WHAT does not work? You getting any errors when trying to update to 3.71? Are you trying to update the FW AT ALL?

And finally: If the ISO doesn't work - BUY the damn game, no support from me there!

duh.dong says:

i was able to downgrade from a CFW 4.01 m33-2 to 3.71 m33-4 but now i'm getting an error message "An internet error has occured. (00000001)" whenever i try to test Network Settings .. any idea how to fix this?

labo says:

hi can you guys tell me what seems the problem i just updated from v1.31 to v1.32 but now it wont start and hangs in loading the loading screen btw i did not copy 1.50 folder

Hellcat says:


That's a known bug from Sony! It's present in OFW as well, only happens when the PSP couldn't find any WiFi APs, everything works fine as soon as there's one AP discoverable.


That's weird.... it just sits there and does nothing? Any other issues with the PSP (like semi brick, or such)?

necronen says:

Hi there, will this work on my PSP Fat 4.01M33-2 using only 32MB MS? I am planning to downgrade my PSP back to 3.71M33 and have it upgrade again to 3.90M33.

ryumi says:

thank you very much!. this is an excellent apps. more power

snirky says:

Hi, I was directed to this thread from my help needed thread. I have been unable to upgrade my PSP beyond 3.71M33-4 even using my pandoras kit (PSP Pandora Deluxe 1.3 btw). It was suggested i try using Hellcat's recovery flasher. However, I encountered the same problem which is after the installation is successful and i'm told to press any button, i reset my PSP, the MS light flashes abit and i get a black screen which i believe is a full brick.

Any suggestions, help or advice is very much appreciated.

necronen says:

I think you should have use the Universal Unbricker instead of that PSP Pandora Deluxe.

Where I believed is the easiest way to unbrick a PSP without hassle. As long you followed the guides correctly.

Here it is http://forums.exophase.com/showthread.php?t=3780

snirky says:


Thanks for the prompt reply. However, using universal unbricker was the program i tried before using PSP pandora deluxe.

attski says:

Thank you Hellcat and FearEvil19

Hi Hellcat!

Thank you for this wonderful upgrading/downgrading tool !

Having being away from the CFW and homebrew scene for so long, I came to use your tool to upgrade my PSP to the latest CFW :D

FearEvil19 had recommended me to Hellcat's Recover Flasher, so I wanna thank him too!



duh.dong says:


weird thing is that my unit's just beside my wireless router .. my phone can connect but my unit can't .. tried upgrading it to a higher firmware version but still can't connect .. i guess, it's a hardware problem .

but your software/guide is really helpful .. the technicians fixing my PSP was having problems downgrading the software and they have my unit for like 3 weeks and wasn't able to do anything

followed the steps and less than a day, everything's ok except for the wifi ..

angelsniper45 says:

haha. nice app. especially with the formatting flash0:// haha

Lonely says:

I have recently upgrade my psp to version 4.05 and i cant play my memory stick games anymore pls help me

Starkadh says:


Excellent utility! Great work! A little something I noticed while testing 1.32 that I thought would be handy is a 'exit' function from the backup menu. That way if you just want to look at the current backup slots, you don't have to create another backup, overwrite one, or kill the program with the 'HOME' key to get out of the backup function screen.

Keep up the great work.

Phoenix3745 says:

awesome product.

I wonder if you gonna add the features to flash a fresh 3.80m33-5 and 3.90m33-3.

This will take recovery flasher to a new level.

Hellcat says:


Added native support for installing a fresh 5.00-M33

Added option to cache the special modules from all updater .PBP currently on your memstick.

The modules are saved seperately and - if present - used directly instead of extracting them from the required updater (again) when performing a restore of a backup.

This way you can save space on the memstick by deleting the updater .PBPs if you don't need them otherwise.

First post has been updated.



3.80-M33 and 3.90-M33 might indeed be added.... eventually.... one day ;)

silver_surfer says:

thanks for the update Hellcat! Kudos! 8)

jx233 says:

a few more questions?


sorry if I sound like n00b, but got some questions:

1.but when in 5.00 M33 can we view files in flash0? ( are they hidden?)

2.is there a 1.50 version too, to upgrade a FW 1.50 all the way to 5.00 M33?

3.and Hellcat, can you add the feature of "Update Recovery Flasher", where users can update RFlash?

(UPT has an update feature, so I hope RFlash have this too.)

4. are the updater modules encrypted or decrypted?

btw, i tryed 5.00 M33, it was ok, but went back to 3.52 M33-4. :blushing:

I hope a TimeMachine 5.00 M33 will be released soon, or exact opposite: release a 3.52 M33-4 for TM.

If there will be 3.52 M33-4 in TimeMachine, i will update to 5.00 M33.

bakemono1526 says:

Nice Job Hellcat!

musicboy says:

hey er why when i try to start the recovery thing it say game cannot start the data is corrupted. i can't run from recovery mode as my psp firmware is 5.00 and i dunno why can't go recovery mode and my psp is slim

please reply ASAP

Hellcat says:


If you enable flash-via-USB in the recovery menu of the CFW you can browse the flash, why shouldn't you be able to? :)


Recovery Flasher comes with a special version for 1.50 OFW, yes.

And yes, you CAN flash directely to 5.00-M33 from 1.50 :D


Most likely not, since I can't be bothered (yet) to fiddle around with the PSPs WiFi stuff.

Maybe in the far future....


Encrypted, but loadable by any FW, so that isn't a problem.


You got 5.00 official firmware? Think again :p

musicboy says:

er i dun understand what u are talking and i dunno ? i just can't go into recovery mode as i turn on my psp while holding R and when i press select nth came out too

pls help i really want my games to come back.....

musicboy says:

hey wait what you mean is 5.00 can't downgrade?

use ur software?

Hellcat says:

Go to "Settings" => "System Settings" => "System Information"

If there is no "-M33" behind the "5.00", then.... well.... you're screwed.

In that case only a Pandora can help you, sorry....

mopargk says:

As always great piece of work. Handy, very handy.....fun to play with too.

Updated the whole crew (2 phats and 3 slims ) without any need for a pandora.


HATS OFF TO YA HELLCAT And Thanks for all the your hard work.

rnc_ebm says:

best RECOVERY FLASHER VERSION.................




bakemono1526 says:

Hellcat just want some question..

tHis flasher does not affect flash1?

am i right? just to be sure..hehe..

RPK says:

Okay well this seems cool, sorry for this noob question. Well, I have a Fat PSP thats at 3.03 OE-B and it says the current kernel is 3.03. Well, I'm wondering does this help both of those things get to the newest one whichever one thats better atleast.

Hellcat says:


If you choose to format the settings upon install, it does affect flash1.

If you choose NOT to format the settings, then it does not, unless a somewhat critical error could result out of it.

If you have any SE/OE/M33 called CFW on your PSP, just make sure the kernel for /PSP/GAME is set to the high one (2.xx/3.xx/4.xx or 5.xx) and run the app from the XMP.

You will then be able to flash directly to the desired CFW (3.71/4.01/5.00) :)

jamal says:


esbandeira says:

Hi, thanks for creating this amazing app, I've saved my dead battery thanks to you !!!!

Great Job !!!!

pspnoob1 says:

Hi I'm new at screwing around with my psp and want to add custom firmware to my psp, but have the official 4.01 one installed.

Whenever I try to update/run programs like this or custom m33 updates it keeps saying 'The game could not be started. (80020148)' Please help

Thank you

jx233 says:

You need a Pandora Battery and a MagicStick to get custom firmware on your PSP Slim.

It is impossible right now go from official to custom firmware without a Pandora Battery.

If your PSP cannot be modded with a Pandora Battery, then you have a TA-088 V3 or the "unhackable psp".

If you don't have a Pandora Battery, or if you don't have friend/cousin/sibling who has one, you have no luck. :sad:

VEGAN0011 says:

hi Hellcat where do you put the files from the pandora folder as just bricked psp on 4.01m33-2 got it back to 3.71m33-2 with recovery flasherv1.32 it wont update to 5.00m33 its a japan import psp

bakemono1526 says:

Thanks a lot Hellcat! This is very useful to me.

Hoping for more development from yours..

Great App!

musicboy says:

hey hellcat pls reply asap , how do i make my original firmware 5.00 to custom firmware 5.00? or anyother ppl please help

Jake says:

Go here http://forums.exophase.com/showthread.php?t=6832

Hellcat says:

What error are you getting?

You can just grab Rec.Flasher 1.40 and flash directely to 5.00-M33 with that.

All other q's seem solved :D

P.S.: In case someone wants to ask: yes, the recent M33 Update will be put in, but since 5.00-3 doesn't seem to be too far away, I might wait for that one.

That gives me also some time to tweak the one or the other thing :)

rnc_ebm says:




5.00 M33-3 WAS RELEASED AGAIN.........



Hellcat says:

Will do :)

Right now it's time for updating my dreams using a big dosage of sleep :D :p

But I got the 5.00-M33-3 update downloaded already and ready to hit my PSP.

Will do so tonight and see what I get, with a bit of luck I'll have it ready by tomorrow :)

rnc_ebm says:

Thanks for the INFO.



VEGAN0011 says:

hi hellcat re named the 5.00 file wrong so it would not read it and came up error got japan psp on 5.00m33 thanks for the update just updatet it to 5.00m33

Hellcat says:

As promised:


Updated flashing of 5.00-M33 to 5.00-M33-3

Fixed backing up of CFWs with the 1.50 AddOn installed. Those backups have been incomplete (the 1.50 kernel wasn't included in the backup), now everything is propperly backed up.

Fixed a bug when the program got a bit confusored when stumbling over a 150.PBP while caching the updater modules (150.PBP is now skipped, there are no modules to extract in there anyway)

Added a warning about not resetting/formating flash1 when flashing a different FW than currently installed (keeping flash1 by flashing a different FW version can cause confusion for the new FW)

First post has been updated

doning says:

Thanks! This one is very usefull.

silver_surfer says:

@ Hellcat:

thanks for the update but CFE 3.0 nor screenshot plugin doesn't work in-game (within the program)

Hellcat says:


None of these work 'cause there are no plugins loaded while Recovery Flasher runs.

Reason: When being launched (in game mode), Recovery Flasher re-launches itself again into updater-mode (the same system mode the official updaters run in).

That's also the reason why the "loading...." disappears for a while during launch.

The CFW has no facility to load plugins in updater mode - and believe me, that's a good thing ;)

(You wouldn't want a plugin interfering with your flashing process just 'cause it thinks it should do something right at the wrong moment, would you?)

doning says:

Howcome the sceenshot doesnt work??

Hellcat says:

See my post above.

The plugin doesn't get loaded. No plugin, no screenshot.

rnc_ebm says:

Thanks for the EXCELLENT UPDATE.



silver_surfer says:

@ Hellcat:

I see thanks for clearing that up.. :wink:

xdewtr says:


Thanks Hellcat!

Recovery Flasher finally support 5.00 M33!

By the way...

I used "cache special updater", but I don't know where the .prx file was put...

Hellcat says:

Whooops, did I forget to put it into the readme? Damn *rips "add it" note from monitor and sticks it at his nose*

The extracted updater .PRXs are saved to /PSP/SYSTEM/UPDPRX (or something like that, don't remember 100% right now)

In there you'll find subfolders for any updater processed, named like the updater ("340.PBP", "whatever.PBP" and such).

In THOSE folder you will then finally find the three .PRXs in question.

They also work very well when used with ELF-Menu's USB access :)

xdewtr says:

Idiom can easily kill a foreigner. :(

Anyway, thanks for solving my problem.

Hellcat says:

The UPDPRX folder can be savely copied to any other PSP, yes :)

Kairu43 says:

1.41 version with 5.00 m33-3 broken

your latest version posted on QJ.net had some issues when I was attempting to unzip it. Here's a pic of what happened. Don't know if it's just me, but I attempted to unzip it with another application and only the 1.50 folder was there.


Jake says:

That can be caused by a broken download, try redownloading it again.

jx233 says:

this might be pointless, but for PSP Phat, can you add the option of installing "a fresh 1.50"?

This would be handy for the n00bs who dont own a Pandora Battery or just people who want to go to 1.50 using Recovery EBOOT

(i not n00b, have I my own Pandora Battery, but I know people who dont have one. It would be handy for them to return to 1.50 if they wanted to.)

so what do you think Hellcat?

Hellcat says:

Let 1.50 die in peace and rest in eternity.

N00bies don't need 1.50, noone really needs 1.50.... it's even more than pointless.... :scared:

However, if there's more ppl who would like that, I might do a seperate little 1.50 flasher, based on Recovery Flasher.

But I won't put it in the app itself.... ;)

jx233 says:

I have 1.50, on my PSP-1001 but it runs through TimeMachine. [ms0:/TM/150/ipl.bin]

Yeah, that would get rid of the RECOVERY EBOOT for older M33 and OE CFW, and Downgrade371M33_by_Samhain EBOOT.

Shakaw03 says:

Hey I need help here, I'm really noob when related to CFW and stuff, a friend of mine did all the "dirty work" for me on my brand new PSP 2000 and now I'm running under CFW 3.90 (not sure which version exactly) for some months now, and as I am going wireless I wanted to be up to date to the lastest CFW which looks like is the 5.00.

So, in summary, I wanto to know which steps I need to run in order to upgrade from 3.90 to the lastest avaiable. I know this is well explained here and under other topics, but I'm afraid to brick my precious ok :laugh:

Thanks a lot!

ommie299 says:

dude i semi bricked mine and i dont know what to do

i try to install it via recovery but i need help

CFW 500m33 semi bricked

ommie299 says:

sorry but i have 500m33-3 semi bricked and it will not load in recovery

help please

Harmox says:

I also have 5.00m33 and the recovery will not load on it....HELP PLS

it just goes off after selecting it

Hellcat says:

How was the semi caused?

And BTW:

I'm currently writing down the ToDo list for the next version.

So, if you've got any feature suggestions, NOW would be the time to talk 'bout them :)

jx233 says:

To do:

1. Add the option of installing a fresh 3.90 M33-3

2. Add the abilility to install a fresh 1.50 for PSP-1000 (some people still use Recovery from the OE CFW to go to 1.50)

jx233 says:

oh yeah

OFW 1.00 FW restore does not work.

there no updater prxs for it. i need to go to fw 1.00 for various reasons. any way on getting 1.00 restore to work?

btw, Dark_Alex 1.50 to 1.00 downgrader is dangerous.

any solution?

Kellicros says:

Just reflashed from 5.01 to 4.01, and XMB crashes everytime I cycle through the text input options with select button, is this a bug? or is it something else? I am thinking it has something to do with the qwerty keyboard added in 5.0, I don't know. :S

Hellcat says:

I might take 3.80/3.90 and/or even 1.50 into consideration, however, I vote strongly against 1.50 tho.... let it die! It's over, 1.50 had it's days but they passed.... a long time ago.... I might put it in anyway.... we'll see ;)

1.00 restore can't work, since you can't make a 1.00 backup - RF just doesn't run on 1.00.

What *might* work (haven't tried yet) is put a backup together manually, but you'd need the 1.00 IPL for that as well!


Try resetting the system settings.

Kellicros says:

I chose to reset my system setting upon reflashing with your tool, anyway, reflashed to 3.71 then updated to 4.01 manually, problem solved.

jx233 says:

Well, remember the Recovery EBOOT from the OE/early M33 days?

It took us to 1.50. It would be nice to have that in RFlash.

Besides, (the last remaining) users on HEN can use RFlash to their advantange, and have a choice of having 5.00 M33-3, 4.01 M33-2, 3.71 M33-4, and (maybe) FW 1.50 on their PSP.

The 1.00 restore dont work. I put flash dump into the right folder, and flash restore in checks for 100.PBP. ( Not there!)

I renamed 150.PBP to 100.PBP, just errors.

BTW, I was trying to restore 1.00 through RFlash "Pandora Mode" from jas0nuk ELF Menu.

any hope for 1.00 restore? it would be nice.

memeru says:

hello good day, i have question, my friend have psp phat with version 1.50 firmware, can i upgrade it to 5.00 m33 directly using this program (recover flasher)

ei8th08 says:

ei mr. hellcat i have a long time problem

i have a psp 3004 and i update it in a v5.01

and i want to downgrade it. i already tried your recovery flasher but its not working. when i start your recovery flasher it says the file is corrupt

pls help mr. hellcat

angelsniper45 says:

wow! is this elf compatible or not?

Hellcat says:

v1.50 is making quite good progress, it's going to be a large update this time :)

Here's a small teaser of what's already (and hopefully bugfree, testing must show) in:

- install of 3.80-M33 and 3.90-M33 - NAND dump and write back - DDC ressurection.prx replacement with the ability to launch the original DDC menu (so, not loosing DDC while using RF as replacement) - battery patch option (to Pandora and Normal) - install of any supported FW as original, official one (not as CFW)

A few more things will be added for the final version :) (like 1.50 installation and a few smaller things and fixups)

o_O OF COURSE, Recovery Flasher can not run on official, original firmware.... But maybe I'll get Sony to publish it on the PSN store? (But even in THAT case it wouldn't be able to do a thing....)

compatible with what?

Yes, you can :)

David1024 says:

Sir i have a semi bricked psp on 5.00m33-3 and i am unable to use the latest recovery flasher on 5.XX kernal as it doesnot read the memory stick.There is a green light and then it shuts off

i tried the program from 1.50 kernal and it read the memory stick but the program was not compatable with 1.50 firmware so it did not work the program needs to be run from xmb in 1.50 firmware but i cant use the XMB.SO COULD U PLEASE MAKE THE NEXT UPDATE WORKING ON 1.50 KERNAL FROM THE RECOVERY MENU


David1024 says:



Hellcat says:

Sounds like a bad fatmsmod install, there's guides on how to undo that.

However, like said, I will dig some deeper into the kernel 1.50 addon situation....

jx233 says:

1.does this mean 1.00 can be restored? (and does it need updater modules?)

2.if OFW can be restored (no real reason to do that), will idstorage Key 5 in TA-082 and TA-086 be patched?

3. did you change 5.00 M33-3 installation to 5.00 M33-4?

Do you want any testers for this app?

doning says:

I think you will have to update the 5.00m33-3 to M33-4. More power to you...:smile:

David1024 says:

Hey Thanx but i found it out myself

I used ur 1.50 eboot from the recovery menu and it worked!!


Hellcat says:


1) Haven't look into that, not really sure if I do.... so far, I'd say "maybe"....

2) No.

3) Yes :)

And some betatesters to beat to crap out of the new functions are required indeed :)


Thats what I thought, thanx for confirming :)

jx233 says:

for question #2, i meant about fixing Key 5 so OFW can be updated to, I feel i may have misworded the question before.

and I will test your app, because I have Pandora handy just in case a bug might happen.

Hellcat says:

I got what you meant ;) It's still a "no", however installing OFW with Recovery Flasher should work fine.

1.50 installation will even work on unpatched TA-082 without patching the IDS! (it will used DAX' patched 1.50 IPL that works on unpatched TA-082/086)

Apps like KeyCleaner and such can be used for fixing IDS, those tools are specialised for theese kind of "repair", so it should be left to them.

Will notify you as soon as I get the first beta ready :)

jx233 says:

well waiting on it. :biggrin:

will RFlash be updated every time there is a new CFW released?

Hellcat says:

Well, so far I can't see anything that speaks against that :)

jx233 says:

whenever the beta is ready, I'll have my "good old" TA-082 to experiment on by testing. :smile:

angelsniper45 says:

I was talking about ELF Menu, is it compatible to use with it?

Hellcat says:

Yes, it is :)

And here we go again :D

*** UPDATE *** UPDATE *** UPDATE ***

It's been quite some time since the last updates, and even those were rather smaller ones, but here we go for a bigger one again :)

Recovery Flasher 1.50, now out in the wild

Updated 5.00-M33 installation to revision 4

Introduced "Advanced Mode" of operations - potentially dangerous functions (some of the new ones might be) are usually completely hidden and are only available when "Advanced Mode" is triggered. Those functions are meant for the more experienced users that know what they are doing quite well....

Added support for installing 3.80-M33 and 3.90-M33

Added support for installing a fresh 1.50 OFW on classic PSPs (a.k.a. Fat PSP) without having made a backup of a running 1.50 first. (Actually it first creates a new "backup" set containing a fresh 1.50 OFW that you can then use to install/restore it to your PSP)

Changed the menu a bit. Due to the ammount of FW versions now supported there's no longer one item for each FW but one menu option for selecting the desired version and one to engage the installation.

Added: Creation of NAND-Dump (fully compatible to DDC dumps)

Added: [Advamced Mode] Writing back of NAND images. Complete dump, IPL only or LFlash only

Added: [Advanced Mode] Installing selected firmware version as ORIGINAL firmware

Added: ressurection.prx replacement - with that you can run Recovery Flasher directly instead of of the original DDC menu when booting up a DDC magic stick. WORKS ONLY FOR DDCv7!!!

When running either as DDC main menu replacement (ressurection.prx) OR launched from a DDC booted FW (from memstick) you have the option to either boot up / exit to the XMB or to jump into the original DDC menu. So when using the ressurection.prx replacement you are still able to use the DDC features.

Fixed: App-Launcher display mess up when more additional apps/games were available than fitted on screen

First post has been updated, incl. new d/l link :)

silver_surfer says:

wow that's a lot of improvement Hellcat! thanks! :D

Starkadh says:

More Excellent work! Definitively another MUST have application. Keep up the good work.


angelsniper45 says:

yay! you saved my psp from a bad theme upload!!

xdewtr says:

WOW! New version changes a lot!

B2K24 says:

Thank you Hellcat for the update.

Very useful for my idiot friends to restore their PSP working.

doning says:

Can i still merge it with DC8?

Hellcat says:

The resurrection-prx replacement only works for DDCv7, neither for v6 or v8 will it work, but I'll see to find a nice way to generelise that....

SooStoked says:

Worked perfectly :biggrin:

and when i clicked exit and it said formatting flash:\0 i almost shit my pants lol

slasherjdc says:

sometimes when i try to install new firmware it brings up fatal error and below that it says cannot read updater sce or something whats the problem this happened on 3.60m33(timemachine)/3.90m33/3.95m33/5.00m33/5.02gen-a but it never made an error on 3.71m33/3.80/4.01

btw 5.02gen-a is a really sketchy firmware

slasherjdc says:

i mean when using your program to install

PostPwned says:

Thanks, this has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. Just reporting a typo, when you try to flash at under 50% battery life it reads "for savety reasons". It really confused me when I first read it. Keep up the great work!

rohitcool45 says:

it is awesome dude.................lol

thnx for it

i wnt to ask u somethin whch cfw is the fastest?

johny1225 says:

is this the Pandora for the psp slim or the phat psp

VEGAN0011 says:

hi chillywilly is an update with 5.00m33-6 coming out

silver_surfer says:

Hellcat is the creator of this Recovery Flasher so he will update it not Chilly Willy :smile:

Akuno says:

I don't know what's wrong with my psp. It turns on but the screen remains black. It happened after i was playing a game on an emulator. It froze so so I took the battery out and put it back in, since that's the only way to turn it off when it does that. After the second time it froze then it came out to what i said to begin with.

silver_surfer says:

try to format flash1

go to recovery menu then advanced and format flash1 and reset settings

Hellcat says:

Update for 5.00-M33-6 will come.

As I'm updating it anyway (for the new M33 rev) I'm also putting a few more other smaller things in I had on my mind for some time now, so it could take a few days longer :)

If you got suggestions, now would be the time to talk about them, while I got it in the editor ;)

VEGAN0011 says:

how do i say sorry for that one ,err i posted too late and must have been half asleep,

sorry Hellcat for mixing your name up


Hey Hellcat, good shit you do dog. n e how, i am in Iraq. some dude sold me some psp games and included a whole bunch of software he said i could find useful sometime. i don't know what they are for and i just updated my ps to 5.03 (i know, i know, i screwed myself, trying to revert back to 4.01 so i can update to latest m33 FW) n e how, is there n e way i can send these to you so you can identify them for me? i know i got wallpapers and themes too (not that i know how to use them yet)folder called "magic memory stick" with many folder, few of which include the word "pandora battery" cementerio, etc. I have an extensive library of psp games as well i am willing to share with ya. my psp as of now has over 990 games installed... hit me up. nightspeed98 on aol

geoffw23 says:

Please help?

Hi, sorry to be a pain, im new to all this. A friend pointed me to this update.

I have a fat psp and have reset the firmware back to original 1.50 using the gta stories method. So it says "System Software Version 1.50.

I have downloaded Hellcats Recovery Flasher and put in the game folder, when I run this, I choose Target FW: 5.00. And install, then this happens

Installing firmware - PSP model: "Fat" PSP

Updater used to extract FW: 500.PBP

Unassigning falshs....

falsh2: wasn't assinged - that's OK

falsh3: wasn't assinged - that's OK

Extracting special updater .PRX....

ERROR OPENING 500.PBP! (0x80010002)

Loading uodater modules

Error 80010002 loading/starting nand_updater.prx

Error 80010002 loading/starting lfatfs_updater.prx

Error 80010002 loading/starting lfalsh_fatfmt_updater.prx

Then I can go back to the normal updater screen.

Please can someone help, so I need a Pandora battery? Or do I need a CFW 1.50. If so, how do I get these?

Again sorry to be a pain.


thetobbit says:

can you pleas help me hellcat, ok here we go.

My psp is custom firmware 3.52 M33, as far as i now ts semi bricked (basically, when turning on it reverts to a fark blue screen and the memory card indicator flashes on and off, also if a UMD is inserted it makes a loading sound for a few secs and then clicks and repeats never endingly.

I think what made my psp brick was when i clicked the wrong m33 updator on my xmb one day.

Wel, i tried this recover thing you made, and it comes up (after launchin from recovery mode) : This program needs at least 2.72 to work. What does this maen, cause i have higer firmware?

Pleas help, is it something to do with my recovery mode settings? cud u tell me which are the ones i need to change etc, plez.

Ty for your help, i really want my psp back

jx233 says:

Ok, first make a NAND dump in Recovery Flasher incase things go wrong. Also make a Pandora Battery. Then make the MagicStick through PSP Pandora Deluxe. (Make DC8 in PSP Pandora Deluxe using the PC.) Using the Pandora Battery and MagicStick (that has Despertar del Cementerio v8 installed), you can install a fresh 5.00 M33-4 from there.

Hellcat hasn't been online for a long time, so I will help you.

Ok, here are the steps. Download Hellcat's Recovery Flasher. Then find the folder called: __SCE__rflash

Rename the folder to: RECOVERY

Then it from the Recovery Menu. Hellcat's Recovery Flasher should work then.

spartan132 says:

i had the newest custom m33 firmware when i used the program. i was trying to downgrade my psp to a lower custom firmware. so i decided to use the option "install a clean version if ofw 1.50" thats what i did. after the process finished, it restarted the psp, and after it did, i believe it bricked my psp, now i cant access my recovery menu because i think i no longer have my custom firmware. is there any-way to fix my psp? ive tried eb=verything at this point, i put a pandora battery in the psp and a magic memory stick, and it still does nothing. am i doing something wrong here? is my psp dead forever?

Leecher says:

Do you have a PSP Slim?

CodeHaze says:

Every time I start it it says data is corrupted and I put in a 3.71 ofw, 4.01 ofw, 5.00ofw an a 3.71 m33 can someone plllllzzzz help me?

jx233 says:

What Version are you on? Your post somewhat confused me so I need to ask.

swordpengy8 says:

Ok , um i have a psp slim and i recently had 3.90 but i ugraded to 5.00 for the playstation store. But the demos and stuff don't workand neither does psptube or other stuff so i want too downgrade to 4.01 m33-4. Im not sure if this is completly safe. Will it delete my save files? Do i need a magic memory stick? help

Alex says:

pkay, what do is is buy a datel tool battery, then make a magic memory stick using pandora deluxe.

when ure in pandora deluxe be sure to select DC8

JSReaper212 says:

PLZ HELP! So I got this because when I run my ISO/CSO It either fails to load or get stuck on intro. But when I run this Error comes up. The game could not be started. (80020148) I have 5.00 M33-6

mortalinstincts says:

Change your driver in the VSH/Recovery menu to M33 or Sony NP9660 (the number may be wrong xD)

or insert a UMD...

JSReaper212 says:

Did that but what it really was that i have ac charger attached to my usb so it doesnt put everything on there. so i used my card reader wich usually doesn't read it sometimes.

jx233 says:

Do you have a fake memory card, that could be a reason why it has problems with games.

cheangjc says:

i would like to ask about the Installation - DDCv7 part

it is really only for ddc v8

Hellcat says:

On 1.50 the DDC replacement is for DDCv7 only, yes.

On 1.60 it (it supposed to....) work for any DDC from 6 on :)

Hopefully 1.60 will be released by the end of this week.

Hellcat says:

OK, long overdue.... but here it comes :)



Changelog since last release:

Updated 5.00-M33 installation to revision 6

Changed autonaming of new backup folders to include date, firmware, psp model

Made the resurrecion.prx replacement function working on all DDCs from 6 and above

Added detection of PSP 3000 and PSP 2000 TA-088v3+. Flash writing functions will be disabled on those PSPs as they are not CFW capable and flashing would result in a brick

Added support for "Firmware Packs" - theese, like addons, packs will eliminate the need for a complete new release only when a new (C)FW is released. Instead of releasing a new Recovery Flasher it'll just be such a pack, enabling Recovery Flasher to install the new firmware until an update of the main app is done that supports the firmware natively. Can/Will also be used for making Recovery Flasher install CFWs not supported, like GEN and such.

Added complete checksum-check of the updater .PBP going to be used to avoid corrupted/incomplete .PBPs causing a brick

Added full verify of the NAND dump that got written to be sure you have a good one

Added detection of HEN mode

Added detection and propper handling if a backup set contains OFW instead of CFW (like when made from HEN)

Added better NAND dump handling. New dumps are now created with names similar to the (new) backup slot names (and now go into /flash-nanddumps), incl. an ID for the PSP they are made on, on NAND restore a list is shown with all available dumps matching the ID of the current PSP to choose from (the ID matching should prevent choosing a wrong dump accidentally)

Added back/cancel on backup creation and restore

Backups made from HEN mode are tagged to identify them as containing ORIGINAL firmware (as those backups do!)

Download Recovery Flasher 1.60


1st post has been updated as well :)

january39 says:

Nice, Thanks Hellcat. Going on my stick as we speak ;)

silver_surfer says:

thanks for the update Hellcat! kudos!

Metal_Militia says:

Can someone help me?

When I run the install M33 CFW, I pressed format all settings, and immeidately a screen pops out and says *at the bottom* There have been critical errors!ABORTING!!!No Harm has been done. Press any button.. Then it goes back to the main menu (I have 5.00 m33-6)

Hellcat says:

In the upper part of the screen (where all the action takes place), it should tell you WHAT went wrong.

So, what went wrong? :)

(Sony updater not found? Bad file? Cosmic radiation?)

angelsniper45 says:

if you run this from time machine 3.60, will you get an actual 3.6 dump or will it be your original firmware?

jx233 says:

It will just be the TM firmware.

TM 3.60 and Orginal 3.60 M33 have different IPLs so the firmwares will be different.

There is no way you can get the original out of the TM one, unless you create your own custom IPL and put it into the 3.60 M33 TM one.

Blaze_Fire says:

Great app HellCat

Very useful!

johntuan says:

hey ok i can get the chickHen to launch into 5.03ChickHen then when i run recovery flash I cant move to accept the terms I would say that it froze but I'm not sure. Any ideas? Ive tried it like 5 times same thing. I tried 1.50 and 1.60 of recovery flasher

angelsniper45 says:

what kind of psp do you have? full CFW installation is still not in effect for 3ks *yet*. (same thing goes for ta-88v3s)

you can still use chickHEN, but i would suggest trying one of the CFW loaders, it loads certain functions without overwriting anything in the flash, just as chickHEN does, im pretty sure its in our downloads section on the front page.

Muzzy says:

Hi guys,

I have an early version FAT psp which I believe is semi-bricked. We're not sure how this happened but when you turn it on you just get a blank screen after the Sony logo.

I can still access the recovery menu (brother told me that v5.00 M33 CFW was insalled) and successfully ran Hellcat's program. I tried flashing both 3.71 and 4.01 Sony OFW which according to Hellcat's program flashes perfectly fine.

I reboot... and the same issue. I only get a blank screen with no icons.

Am I doing something wrong?? Or is the matter something other than the FW?

Any help would be appreciated.


Muzzy says:


U3-Robot says:

Turn off all plugins, then format flash1 from recovery menu.

Muzzy says:

Done that and still no go.

I re-flashed flash0 with OFW 3.71 again and still the same :(

How do you turn off plugins? There are no plugins in the plugins section anyway...

Muzzy says:

any other suggestions? I'm getting quite desperate now.

Should I just use padora? I can definately fix it that way yeah?

psychomc says:

this didn't help me

right when it got reflashed with this

it gaved me two error codes



Anayalata says:

Ok so I have 5.50 Gen-B and all my homebrew no longer works.

I updated in order to download songs from the PSN store for RB Unplugged.

I've been trying to downgrade to 5.00M33-6 and I've tried going to 5.00, 3.71, and even 1.50 following the instructions.

I get this long error message

Unassigned flashs....

FATAL: Error 0x8002013a while unassigning flash0:

WARNING: Error 0x8002013a while unassigning flash1:

*Disabling settings format, clearing registry!

Weird: Error 0x8002013a while unassigning flash2:

Weird: Error 0x8002013a while unassigning flash3:

Extracting special updater .PRX....

Loading updated modules

Error 80010002 loading/starting nand_updated.prx

Error 80010002 loading/starting lfatfs_updated.prx

Error 80010002 loading/starting lflash_fatfmt_updater.prx

ERROR reloading decrypter module! (0x8002013a)

There have been critical errors!

ABORTING!!! No harm has been done! Press any button.

This happens with the 500.PBP

A.0.A says:

check your PSP if you have a plugins that was enabled, this might give you an error!!.. so just disable your plugins or format you MS!!, and then report back!

30p5jla says:


wow! lol, this is a bit late but, i need thsi to downgrade from 5.50 gen a lol does this work on a fake memory stick? because mine doesn't support magicgate.

Anayalata says:

I had actually formatted my MS before trying to use the program and I have no idea how to check if I have plugins or not.

I also have a pandora battery available if that could be a solution to try.

A.0.A says:

try to use pandora!, it was just that simple

expertuser2004 says:

good job Hellcat

but now found an error on recovery flasher v1.60, if using 5.05 GenA,B or 5.50 U3R-B NON Offical Firmware, software reported file losted cant recovery m33.6 Firmware, i think RF add pandoras battery CONVERTION Section may very good

silver_surfer says:

@ expertuser2004:

you can already use Recovery Flasher to convert your battery to service-mode but

it requires a CFW PSP with TA-085v1 and below motherboard..

lesspor says:

after all this process end greatly and i can use my psp like others,can i put out the battery??

angelsniper45 says:

Can you be more specific? You can always turn your battery back into a normal battery, you didnt hardmod it right?

pspboy17 says:

there's something wrong in my psp

when the installation is finish, i restart my psp

but after the "sony computer entertainment" logo at the beginning pops out then it'll freeze. what the hell is wrong with my psp??? can you pls help me with this problem

KaLaS says:


I got Chickhen R2 to work on my Slim


Thing is, my psp screen is broken so im using TV to sort all this. But to run the HellCat Recovery Flasher (or aany other game) it cant be connected to the TV for known reasons. May i have one link to some youtube video that explains the whole thing after having Chickhen working?

Any help is welcome


bobbywoi says:


HelpingYou says:

Anayalata says:

Ok so I have 5.50 Gen-B and all my homebrew no longer works.

I updated in order to download songs from the PSN store for RB Unplugged.

I've been trying to downgrade to 5.00M33-6 and I've tried going to 5.00, 3.71, and even 1.50 following the instructions.

I get this long error message

Unassigned flashs....

FATAL: Error 0x8002013a while unassigning flash0:

WARNING: Error 0x8002013a while unassigning flash1:

*Disabling settings format, clearing registry!

Weird: Error 0x8002013a while unassigning flash2:

Weird: Error 0x8002013a while unassigning flash3:

Extracting special updater .PRX....

Loading updated modules

Error 80010002 loading/starting nand_updated.prx

Error 80010002 loading/starting lfatfs_updated.prx

Error 80010002 loading/starting lflash_fatfmt_updater.prx

ERROR reloading decrypter module! (0x8002013a)

There have been critical errors!

ABORTING!!! No harm has been done! Press any button.

This happens with the 500.PBP


there's a problem with 5.50GEN-B Flash. Update to 5.50GEN-B2 and try again.

xeroorc says:

Dude after flashing my psp, i powered it off and on

after powering on, it just hangs at the initial black screen. not loading anything!

lyz1510 says:

hi hellcat,

i can't seem to open the recovery flasher application on my psp after transferring it to my psp. it says "this game cannot be started. the data is corrupted.". any ideas on what i should do?

thanks in advance.

mike9000 says:


factory81ph says:

hi hellcat, can i use this to make a pandora battery?

ryien_11 says:

I have downgrade my psp to 3.71 last time. Last week I use my friend memory stick and accidentally update it to 5.03. Now my psp cannot read my game. I have installed the hellcat's recovery and 3.71 firmware into game/recovery menu but its still cannot read the recovery icon and said "corrupted". I tried to change the setting to read m33 memory card but once I push select button nothing happen and I also tried push "R" button during restart and still nothing happen. Please help me about this...

angelsniper45 says:

You have to have the pandoras battery in to. It will usually automatically boot up.

ryien_11 says:

How to make a pandora battery? Can I make it or I need to buy it from the store? I heard that my version did not need a pandora, but I dont know its true or not. Well let me know how to make it or I need to buy it?

angelsniper45 says:

you can buy it, but making it is more rewarding. Google it or search here.

n3o says:

ok im new at this whole psp thing so i have my dead friends psp and it has emulators on it and i wanted to play a regular game but cant it tells me i need to up grade and it wont let me i have tried everything from loading it on from the web site to trying it from the psp its self how can i upgrade??? and again im not that computer savvy so go easy on me

Alex says:

Just upgrade to 5.00m33 and install leda or the 150k add on

angelsniper45 says:

you should note that 150k addon is only for the phat PSPs

llkristianll says:


I updated my psp cf5.00m33-4 to ofw 6.20 and i want to downgrade it back to my cf.

can 1.60 recovery flasher solve this?

and i had the same problem wtih lyz1510.

lyz1510 says:

hi hellcat,

i can't seem to open the recovery flasher application on my psp after transferring it to my psp. it says "this game cannot be started. the data is corrupted.". any ideas on what i should do?

thanks in advance.

x3sphere says:

Recovery Flasher is of no use in this scenario, it is a homebrew app and therefore can only run on custom firmware or official firmware with an available kernel exploit. 6.20 does not fall under that category. As your PSP is 1000 or 2000 series unit you may be able to downgrade it using Pandora. Consult my guide for more information.

Player863 says:

Great work Hellcat, this is a very useful app.

Oh, and llkristianll, this WILL NOT WORK with the half-byte loader (props to Wololo), so you need a pandora.

momoshen says:

Can i downgrade my psp 1000 from v5.00M33-6 to 5.00M33-3 with Hellcat's Recovery Flasher?

without pandora battery n magic memory card?


Hellcat says:

No, RF flashes the last 5.00m33 that was made (5.00m33-6 might be the one).

You could, however, flash to 4.01 and then to plain 5.00m33 and then apply update 3....

But why would you want to flash to 5.00m33-3 anyway?

There is nothing (to my knowledge) that works on -3 that doesnt work on -6.... :confused:

momoshen says:

thanks a lot for the explaination hellcat..


i wanna play psx final fantasy VIII..

it said that work flawless on 5.00M33-3..

in 5.00M33-6 couldn't use several magic n sometimes could hang..

do u know any version beside 5.00M33-3 could flawless to on psx final fantasy VIII?

thanks hellcat..

momoshen says:

thanks a lot for the explaination hellcat.. oh.. i wanna play psx final fantasy VIII.. it said that work flawless on 5.00M33-3.. in 5.00M33-6 couldn't use several magic n sometimes could hang.. do u know any version beside 5.00M33-3 could work flawless on psx final fantasy VIII? thanks hellcat..

ultimakillz says:

take a look at this:


you also probably need to get yourself a version of popsloader for 5.00 m33. not all games work perfectly on pops version 5.00.

momoshen says:


thanks a lot pals..


Xwasabi says:


i had just use this proggarm 2 flash my psp 2006 from firmware 5.03 to firmware 4.01..but after i fnish everything and the program goes to shut down..my psp have no display,just the green LED..do u know how can i fix this??

Hellcat says:

What version of the Recovery Flasher did you use?

Are you sure you have a flashable PSP (one that is capable od using Pandora)?

Xwasabi says:

i use the version 1.20...im not sure if this psp is the flashable one..i have search the internet and it seem like my psp is bricked and i cant even go to the recovery menu...

Hellcat says:

First lesson learned: never use outdated versions, current one is 1.60, that one also would have detected if your PSP can be flashed at all.

Second lesson learned: check if your PSP is flashable BEFORE you flash it and also look if there's more recent versions of apps like that.

Thrid lesson, yet to learn: see to get a working Pandora set (battery + memstick) and try to unbrick your PSP with that

If you're unlucky and your PSP is/was not capable of being flashed with CFW, then Pandora will not work as well and you indeed have a nice, shiney brick on your hands.

Only thing you can do then is to send it to Sony for repair.

Xwasabi says:

thanks fos telling me all that hehe..so can i create a pandora bantery with the pandora installer??o i had to buy one??

Hellcat says:

If you have access to (a friend's maybe) CFW or HEN running PSP, then yes, you can create everything you need for a working Pandora set with the "Pandora Installer for 3.xx+".

Latest version of that is Rev.4b, if you need a link to that I can dig one up :)

angelsniper45 says:

We should have a dl in our downloads section. Im about 90% sure its there, if not we can upload it

Xwasabi says:

erm i got my friend's psp(2006) with me.it runs on CFW but then the app said that the mainboard of the psp cannot be use to create a pandora battery..is there any other way to create a pandora battery??

Hellcat says:

Try another PSP, or check DealExtreme and similar sites to get one.

Also, you can find someone to send your battery to, to have it made into Pandora.

hauting402 says:

hi hellcat i cant seem to get the thing to work i hav a psp 1001 and its version 5.03 chickhen r2 and when i try to install it says critical error no harm done but more specifically error opening 500.PBP! (0x80010002) what should i do?

Hellcat says:

Get said 500.PBP (Sony 5.00 Updater) and put it into the root of your MS.

psp318player says:

Everytime I read "Hellcat" I think about a bricked PSP 3000. He has too many Flash0 works. Lol. Useful on my 2000 though.

Hellcat says:

What? How many "f0 works" do I have? To my knowledge RF is the only one.

And if someone bricked a 3k using RF; own fault, should learn to read.

Deathrow says:

Hey Hellcat :)

According to recent news postings, there was an update of your program named Recovery Flasher 1.65 (Beta). If I am not mistaken, it is a version for newer firmware (but still only for motherboards lower than TA-88v3) and could enable downgrading.

Is this still a beta? Just curious to know where it stands right now.

Hellcat says:

Final testing, Deathrow.

If I don't encounter some big showstoppers v1.65 should be out by tomorrow.

And you are completely right, it'll run fine on the 6.20 and the 6.35 HENs and deal with all eventualities they bare, also it'll be able to d/g from 6.35 and most important will still only work on flashable PSP models.

Also it'll be able to handle FWs (for restore of filewise f0 backups or clean install from scratch) up to 6.20 now (1.60's max is 5.5x).

Hellcat says:


(first post has also been updated)




>>> *D*O*W*N*L*O*A*D* <<<

First off, a small "what's NOT (yet?) supported": ANY kind of flashing on "newer 2000s", PSP 3000 or the PSPgo

If support for those models will ever, in any way be added to Recovery Flasher is doubtful (mostly as there's no CFWs for those).

MAYBE (and I can't stress the *MAYBE* enough, it's more likely a "likely not") support to flash OFW on (some of) those models might be added one day for the sake of downgrading the OFW.

And with that out of my system, here's the "what's new":

fixed compatibility with 6.20-TN HEN

added check for 6.20-TN and the 6.35 HEN

added check for 6.20-TN HEN's flash0 protection being enabled

added check for configured game mode plugins when on 6.20-TN and the 6.35 HEN

added detection of the PSP4000 model and the PSPgo

added appropriate handling of all of the above, when detected, to avoid unnecessary tears casted by users

added support to handle 6.00, 6.10 and 6.20 FWs for restore of (filewise) flash backup and clean install from scratch

added decryption of extracted (hidden) updater driver modules - and so enabling downgrade from 6.35+ (only on hackable PSPs though, for now)

added new firmware packs to install clean 6.20 OFW using Recovery Flasher

bundled the existing 5.50-GEN firmware packs with the main release

>>> *D*O*W*N*L*O*A*D* <<<

If you want to support it or just show your appreciation: Kitty Appreciation Page ;)

Lawliet156 says:

Im on 6.35 HEN and have an at least 3 year old PSP-2000, would using the make my battery a PANDORA through this program work or not?

bsanehi says:

@Hellcat your awesome thank you very much. ^^

Hellcat says:

Just try it.

If the option changes to "Make battery NORMAL again", then it worked.

If the option stays at "make Pandora...." then it didn't.

No harm can be done to the PSP in case it doesn't work, it just doen't work then, that's all, so it's save to just try :)

Lawliet156 says:

Thanks Hellcat, it works 100%

arnold says:

Hellcat, very nice job. Congratulations on your release :)


mazide says:

PSP 3000 or PSPgo 6.35 to 6.20 downgrade Is it possible? Sorry bad English. Because from Turkey

Deathrow says:

^ Not possible because they have a higher motherboard.

Good update Hellcat :)

bardock209 says:

Hellcat's RF problem

Hi guys, i just downloaded the RF 1.65, but when i selected the "from FW pack" and press X on install CFW, there is nothing listed apart cancel.

help plz. there are some files with .rfp in the FW pack folder, but what files am i supposed to use??


flofrucht says:

Thanks Hellcat,awesome Update :=)

soulburn says:

I can't get this running on my PSP-1000. Now I'm using 6.35 PRO (HEN mode started using signed eboot, but also tried using savegame exploit). RF starts normaly, but when starting CFW install (5.00 M33 or 5.50 form FW Pack) i get this line:

Extracting special updater .PRX....

Loading updater modules

Error 80020148 loading/starting nand_updater.prx

Error 80020148 loading/starting lfatfs_updater.prx

Error 80020148 loading/starting lflash_fatfmt_updater.prx

And obviusly: critical errors - no harm done

What's wrong ?

flofrucht says:


No,it's not possible.

Hellcat says:

If you would've been able to read, you wouldn't have needed to ask this as the answer was already in my post, the readme, my twitter.... well, you get the point ;)

Put the .RFP files into the root of your memstick, they'll show up then - this is explained in the README, BTW ;)

Your easyinstallers for the 6.20 and 6.35 HENs made testing a bit less painfull :)

Looks like you're not using v1.65.

(Re)Download the latest (v1.65) and try again.

If you have previously cached the updater modules (judging by the log you pasted, you didn't) cache them again.

the-green says:

Hello friends , thanks Hellcat, good job but I had a question de we need always a Pandora batterie ton downgrade a flashable PSP 1000 or 2000 ????

we can't do that without-it ????

thanks for your answers

Hellcat says:

Read; 1st post of this thread and the supplied README.TXT

and all your questions shall be answered :)

kaiviti2 says:

when i try to install RF 1.65, it keeps saying 'this game is corrupted' i have OFWv6.20.. please help me!!

Hellcat says:

You must run the HEN first.

RF does not run on unpatched OFW.

Get the 6.20-TN HEN, run that, THEN run RF.

soulburn says:

It's seems that files in folder PSP\GAME\UPDATE caused the problems. Even if I used the lestes version, it runs 1.60 instead. Removing those files helped. Now everything works fine. Great app, THX A LOT Hellcat.

Xwasabi says:

dear hellcat,

back to our previous discussion. sorry for not replying for a long time..my pandora battery just came n i got my magic stick also..but then when i put it all together, it doesnt seem to work :(..nothing happens but just the black screen n the flashing green LED ..what is the problem then??

Hellcat says:

Then you either got a PSP that's not capable of running Pandora or you did not set up the MMS incorrectely.

There's about 1 million million tuts'n'guides'n'howtos alone in this forum for both, check them out :)

Xwasabi says:

so let say that my psp is not capable of running pandora, am i doom then? no other way?

slicer4ever says:

umm, no, http://forums.exophase.com/showthread.php?t=22436&p=205008#post205008

Xwasabi says:


will that works for me?

slicer4ever says:

well, i'm not certain what exactly your goal is, but i'm assuming it's for homebrew, and those are FW dependent, not PSP dependent, so yes, their'll work for getting an HEN environment on your psp

Xwasabi says:

but i cant even make my psp back to life. it is still bricked and the pandora menu won't show up(tried it many time already)

slicer4ever says:

ah, it's bricked, i thought your aim was to get homebrew on the psp, if a pandora isn't working, then your SOL

Emmanuel1210 says:

Anyone who can HELP! me ? it's about HC recovery 150 ., i cant find this file ., only HC recovery 160 ., please HELP!!!!!

ultimakillz says:

why cant you use 1.60?

Hellcat says:

Use the latest 1.65: http://lui.li/rf165

Using older versions is not recommended.

andwan0 says:

I just tried this v1.65 and it fully bricked my Fat PSP.

Originally I had 5.01M33-4 CFW installed. I wanted to try the Hellcat's special option of installing OFW 1.50. I got the OFW 1.50 file and put it in root of my memory stick. Ran Hellcat... followed the instructions.. then *brick*!

Please please Hellcat fix this part.

andwan0 says:

That will get you a fresh and clean 1.50 on your PSP.

Updater version is 1.50: OK!

ERROR while decrypting ipl_update.prx

ERROR while decrypting SCE IPL

elchef says:


I have a psp with 3.71 m33-4 so I tryed to ugrade to 5.00 with the hellcat's recovery system but now it doesnt turn on the LCD only the green leed is on.

you say: