Rumor: PS3 Firmware 2.5 Hits Next Week, Along With PSP 5.0

by Mike Bendel October 9, 2008 @ 10:19 am

Update: SCEJ just confirmed that PSP firmware 5.0 is scheduled to hit next week.

German site Elhabib is reporting that a “very reliable source” has told them that a new PlayStation 3 firmware update is due out by next week — 2.50. Additionally, the same source informed them that firmware 5.0 for PSP will drop during the same week and as previously speculated, will bring direct access to the currently PC-only PSP Store.

Firmware 2.5 coming out next week does seem likely, especially when you consider that Sony is releasing its official PS3 Bluetooth headset next week, which likely needs a new firmware for certain functions. That and PSP firmware is usually released around the same time as PS3 updates.

PS3 FW 2.50 noch in diesem Monat [Elhabib]

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kushu33 says:

these really are rumors most of the reviewing websites say that the psp 3000 is shipping with firmware 4.20 if sony wanted to release a firmware 5 then would have included it with the 3000 instead of making it a separate release and if sony wanted to make a firmware just for allowing the PSN store access then they would be releasing a 4.20 or 4.50

x3sphere says:

Yeah it's true that 4.20 will be preinstalled on the 3000. If you remember though, 3.60 shipped with the 2000 at launch and 3.70 was released for both the 1000 and 2000 shortly after.

kushu33 says:

alright i get it now maybe they would be releasing 4.2 with the psp-3000 and 5.0(or any other version) for both the systems or even three that would act as a minimum global firmware(a firmware that works on all 3/2 versions of the psp)

icedman204 says:

wait is 5.0 is comming out why would the PSP-3000's get a firmware that is lower then what the Slim (2000's) and Phat (1000's) get the 5.0fw?

unless there isn't much of a difference. Although i do hope DA continues in his quest in developing the best CFW ever :)

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