Update: PSP Firmware 5.01 Out Now

by Mike Bendel October 21, 2008 @ 10:43 pm

Update: Firmware 5.01 for PSP is now available through Network Update. As usual, we have included a download link below for those who wish to install the update manually.

Sony PlayStation Network director Eric Lempel has announced that PSP firmware 5.01 is due out for release shortly. As indicated by the version increment, this will be a minor update, addressing an issue related to Memory Sticks PRO Duo cards over 8GB in size. The issue in question resulted in an out of space notification at times while downloading content from the PlayStation Store, even if enough space was available.

Download PSP Firmware 5.01

PSP (PlayStation Portable) v5.01 Update [PS Blog]

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Free4All says:

to bad for CFW users

PR0fessor Burnt says:


icedman204 says:

I got a question, who will actually use the PSP store? Besides the small amount of people that will (i mean kids wont use it, and not many adults are interested in the PSP) Unless there are alot of free third party demos on the store i dont see myself using it to try new games before I buy.

for prople saying too bad for CFW, the 8GB and up issue is only on the PSP Store not on homebrew.

PR0fessor Burnt says:

i used it got 1 theme beat all the demos and now i dont use it

Fred Smith says:

So is the memory stick fix included in the M33-3? In other words, did the M33-3 update replace a file which includes the fix?


x3sphere says:

No, because that bug was fixed by Sony. You'll need to extract the 5.01 firmware using the latest version of PSARDumper and replace the system file "npinstaller_plugin.prx."

Fred Smith says:

Thanks. I'll go down that path if I get the error message. For now M33-3 is working fine.

jhon says:

hi guys can anyone please tell me how to install cfw on my updated sp 5.01

webnapster says:


tenlitros says:

hi! i had just updated my psp into the 5.01 version but i can no longer play any game i recently had. can someone help me with this?

january39 says:

You have updated to OFW. Bad luck

mortalinstincts says:

You just posted 4 times...

use your UMDs to play games until you can get hold of a Pandora and MMS to install Custom Firmware...

OFW stand for Original Firmware...

you say: