Shovel Knight (PSN) Review: Zelda II-Like

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link showcased Nintendo’s ability to try new things in the ’80s. Though the game has its detractors, it remains a massively unique entry in the Zelda series and just a fine game on top of […]

Tekken 7 to Use Unreal Engine 4, Dev Hints Release on New Platforms

At EVO 2014, Bandai Namco Games revealed that Tekken 7 would utilize Unreal Engine 4. More info is set to be released at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Though specific platforms have yet to be confirmed, it appears that Tekken […]

The Wolf Among Us Finale Drops Next Week

If you’ve been keeping up with The Wolf Among Us, you’ll be glad to know that the finale is upon us. Due out next week, Telltale Games will put out the fifth episode of  its latest endeavor for the masses […]

July’s Free PS Plus Offerings Include Dead Space 3, Doki-Doki Universe, and More

July’s going to be packed with some pretty rad free goodies for PlayStation Plus subscribers. If you’re looking for some solid titles at no charge, there’s plenty to be stoked about, as revealed on the PlayStation Blog. On this month’s […]

Tales from the Borderlands Cast Gets Two Recognizable Names

If you’re big into your geekery, chances are you’ve heard of Chris Hardwick and Sam Witwer. Whether or not that’s the case, you should still know both of these individuals will be voicing characters in the upcoming Tales from the […]

PSN Will Be Down for Maintenance Monday, June 2

Sony announced that the PlayStation Network will be down this Monday, June 2. The service will be going through maintenance from 9:50 AM to 3:30 PM PT. Oh, come on, it’s not all that bad. I mean, think of it […]

The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us Adventure onto Xbox One, PS4

Telltale Games is gladly entering the realm of current consoles with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The studio made the big announcement on its blog yesterday. Disc versions of The […]

The Evil Within Pushed Back to October, Just in Time for Halloween

Speaking of delays, you can now add The Evil Within to the list of anticipated games that have just recently been pushed back. Thankfully, this one’s a fairly short delay. Rather than hitting consoles and PC this August, the project […]

PS Plus Subscribers Can Play Battlefield 4 Free Trial for 20 Hours

In case you haven’t jumped aboard the Battlefield 4 ship — on account of it, ya know, kind of being a launch disaster — you should know that you can check out the game for free starting tomorrow if you’re […]

Free on PS Plus: Puppeteer Loses Its Head, Surge Deluxe Powers Up

Two freebies hit the PlayStation Network today. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber looking for even more games to play on your PlayStation 3 and Vita, you’ll likely be stoked about the latest offerings. The first is Puppeteer, a PlayStation […]

Borderlands 2 Vita Gets Cross-Save Functionality

Well, it was about time, wasn’t it? As announced by the PlayStation Twitter account, Borderlands 2 will now offer cross-save support on the PlayStation 3 and Vita, which is undoubtedly awesome news if you own both versions of the game. […]

Wolfenstein: The New Order Takes the Fight to the Nazis, Out Now

Bethesda’s next big game has arrived as Wolfenstein: The New Order launches today. Developed by MachineGames, the FPS is available across the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. Already The New Order has been on the […]

Fez (PSN) Review: Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

You know, that Phil Fish is kind of a genius. When I first played Fez on Xbox Live Arcade, I didn’t really see that. Of course, that could be because I didn’t actually play all the way through. Recently, however, […]

EA Confirms That More ‘Titanfall Experiences’ Will Be Coming

According to EA, fans of the Respawn Entertainment-developed FPS Titanfall can expect even more from the series down the road. Of course, you probably already knew that anyway. As indicated on IGN, the giant robot shooter managed to sell a […]

Soulcalibur: Lost Swords Review: A Dull, Ugly Blade

Soulcalibur has always been one of Bandai Namco’s standout franchises. That series, along with Tekken, delivers a robust yet approachable arcade fighting experience that’s a sheer pleasure. It’s no wonder the company wanted to test the free-to-play waters with its […]

Sound Shapes Gets New Sound and Art DLC Packs

New content launches today for Queasy Games’ music/creation/platformer experience Sound Shapes. As detailed in a PlayStation Blog post, the Brass Sound Pack and Nature Art Pack downloads give you more to play around with and are priced at 99 cents […]

Free on PS Plus: The Quirky Stick It to the Man Scores the Golden Goal in PES 2014

Today Sony is offering up two free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The first is the quirky adventure game Stick It to the Man for the PlayStation 4. Developed by Zoink, the game has a cool art style reminiscent of […]

About Dern Time! Serious Sam 3 Certified for PS3

Serious Sam 3: BFE is a nice game. Well, it’s not “nice” in the traditional sense, but it’s pretty kick-ass, and that makes it nice to me. It’s one of my favorite FPS titles of the past few years, and […]

The Last of Us Lead Character Artist Michael Knowland Leaves Naughty Dog

Well, you can add another one to the list. Yet another Naughty Dog employee has moved on and left the developer. We previously reported on the departures of Creative Director and Writer Amy Hennig and Art Director Nate Wells, as […]

Free-to-Play Soulcalibur: Lost Swords Brings Solo Action to PS3 Today

The latest chapter in the Soul series is set to drop later today. As specified on the PlayStation Blog, the free-to-play Soulcalibur: Lost Swords will hit the PlayStation 3, offering up a new experience for fans of the weapons-based fighting […]

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Review: Walking Derp

There are some misconceptions surrounding Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. First and foremost, people seem to think it’s vastly similar to something you’d see coming from the mind of Suda51. Hell, I was one of those people. Well, it’s not. It’s […]

Assassin’s Creed Is Ubisoft’s Best-Selling Franchise, But You Probably Already Figured

Ubisoft’s corporate website is listing some pretty interesting numbers. Specifically, the page reveals the company’s top selling franchise. Yes, it’s Assassin’s Creed. Collectively, the series has managed to hit 73 million units — an impressive feat, no doubt. Second place […]

Naughty Dog Art Director Nate Wells Leaves Studio to Join The Unfinished Swan Dev

Former Naughty Dog Art Director Nate Wells has departed from the company to pursue other ventures with The Unfinished Swan developer Giant Sparrow. Wells confirmed the news on Twitter, saying that he joined the team on April 3. The art […]

Minecraft Getting PS3 Retail Version Next Month

The insanely popular voxel-based world builder Minecraft will soon be widely available in yet another format. Taking to the PlayStation Blog, Mojang announced that Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition will hit retail shelves beginning May 16. As expected, this version of […]

Free on PS Plus: Don the Ol’ Mouse Ears in Castle of Illusion

This week’s free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers is none other than Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. I know, I know: Mickey games haven’t really been all that great over the past few years. Thankfully, Castle of Illusion has […]

Watch Dogs Season Pass Detailed, Add-On Campaign Coming Post-Launch

Upcoming spy-and-hack title Watch Dogs is set to receive the season pass treatment when it launches next month. The listing for the downloadable pass is now up for pre-order on GameStop (Thanks, Joystiq!), where you can purchase it for $19.99. […]

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Goes Back a Few Years to Shoot and Loot … on the Moon!

Earlier this week, 2K Games announced that Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel would be coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this fall. For fans of the series, that means yet another round of shooting and looting tomfoolery. The game […]

The Evil Within PAX East Trailer Is Terrifyingly Surreal

The upcoming Bethesda-published survival horror game from Shinji Mikami and developer Tango Gameworks recently got a new trailer in time for PAX East. As expected, it’s quite horrific and super creepy. More than anything, though, it’s incredibly surreal. The whole […]

Free on PS Plus: Stealth Inc. Caught Red-Handed

Curve Studios’ Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark will be the next game for PlayStation Plus subscribers to snag absolutely free of charge. The stealth-themed puzzle-platformer launched this past summer as part of Sony’s Play 2013 promotion. Stealth Inc. […]

The Last of Us PS4 Confirmed by Sony Eurasia, Denied by SCEE

It’s no secret that PlayStation 4 owners have been clamoring for The Last of Us. Having found major success on the PlayStation 3, Naughty Dog’s latest award-winning endeavor has garnered a massive fan base. Well, if recent reports are any […]

Free on PS Plus: Thomas Was Alone Invites You to Be Its Friend (Also, Unit 13)

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can now download two more free games. The first is the critically acclaimed friendship-themed puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone. You play as the titular Thomas, a lone rectangle who finds himself completely devoid of […]

Dark Souls II Death Counter Now at Six Million and Counting

It’s been two days since the launch of Dark Souls II on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In that time, a ridiculously high amount of player deaths have been tallied on the game’s official death counter. So what’s the […]

Costume Quest 2 Goes on the Hunt for Even More Candy on Consoles, PC

As someone who fell in love with the original Costume Quest, it brings me great joy to report that publisher Midnight City has announced the return of the series with Costume Quest 2. Double Fine is bringing back the first […]

PS Plus Freebie: Lone Survivor Invites You Into the Darkness

Today’s free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers is none other than the pixelated survival horror experience Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut from developer Jasper Byrne. Lone Survivor puts you in the middle of a haunted urban wasteland, forcing you to […]

Lollipop Chainsaw Hits One Million Sales, Billions of Lollipops Reported Missing

The last time we reported anything regarding Lollipop Chainsaw here on eXophase was back in 2012, when the game had reportedly shipped 700,000 units. A record high for developer Grasshopper Manufacture at the time, the studio now has another reason […]

Ubisoft Montreal Explains Watch Dogs Delay

Following an unexpected delay, Ubisoft’s latest franchise Watch Dogs is now set to debut on May 27. Speaking on the Ubisoft blog, Senior Producer Dominic Guay explained exactly what the reason was for pushing the debut game back. As it turns […]

Out Now: Dark Souls II and Titanfall

Two of 2014’s biggest releases have dropped today. The first is the much awaited sequel to From Software’s popular action-RPG series. Dark Souls II arrives on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, ready to brutalize you and send fear into […]

Kojima Wonders if Players Will Be Able to Finish MGS V: The Phantom Pain

After revealing at the end of 2013 that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain would be “hundreds of times larger” than Ground Zeroes, series creator Hideo Kojima has followed up on his previous statements. Specifically, Phantom Pain will be […]

Naughty Dog Says Last of Us Directors Not Involved in Uncharter Writer Amy Hennig’s Departure

Shortly following last week’s big news story surrounding the departure of Uncharted Creative Director and Writer Amy Hennig from Naughty Dog, the studio addressed the situation. According to sources close to IGN, The Last of Us Directors Neil Druckmann and […]

MGS V: The Phantom Pain on PC Is Something Kojima ‘Would Like to Do’

If you’re looking forward to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 3, you’re set. The game’s been long confirmed for those platforms, so there’s no worrying for those particularly […]