PlayStation Vita Dev Site Uncovered

This past weekend, rumors emerged pointing to PlayStation Vita as the final name for Sony’s next generation portable. To further solidify those claims, a Vita subdomain on Sony’s developer relations site has been discovered – Before you jump to conclusions, […]

PlayStation Network Maintenance Set for Tuesday

Another week, another round of PSN maintenance. Community team member Rabid over at Sony’s EU forum sends along word that the maintenance window will span from Tuesday 31st May at 19.00 GMT until Wednesday 1st June 01.00 GMT. During the […]

PSP Firmware 6.39 Goes Live

Coinciding with today’s PSN maintenance window,  Sony has released PSP firmware 6.39. As you’d expect, this update brings the PSP up to speed with the recent security enhancements made to PSN. This means users will be forced to change their password […]

Sony E3 Event To Span Five Hours

Update: SCEA’s PR team has sent out additional details on the June 6 E3 event. Here’s a breakdown of the schedule: 3:30-5pm: Pre-show reception with world renowned DJs and LAs best food trucks including Empanadarama,Yappy Dog, Cheeseball Wagon, Komodo and […]

Sony Estimates PSN Outage Could Cost $171 Million

Not surprisingly, the recent hack that left over 100 million accounts compromised across PSN and SOE services has taken a hefty toll on Sony’s financial outlook. In a revised earnings report issued today, the company said it expects outage costs to total […]

Sony Bringing PSP Titles To PS3 In HD

Sony today announced a new initiative in which it will port PSP titles over to the PS3 in HD on Blu-ray disc, with the addition of extra content. They’ve coined it the PSP Remaster title series.

PSN Password Reset Page Compromised, Taken Down

A new exploit surfaced earlier today that allowed anyone to reset any PSN account’s password, without going through the proper channels. The new exploit was revealed by our friend Nevada from Nyleveia, who first revealed the exploit. After confirming it’s […]

Sony Details “Welcome Back” Program for EU and US

Update: Sony has re-posted the post on their blog and have done the same for US users as well. Those in the US will receive the same offers as SCEE users with the addition of a selection of “On Us” […]

Hackers Used Amazon Cloud Server As Proxy In PSN Attack

It’s come to light that the hackers responsible for infiltrating Sony’s PSN infrastructure took extra steps to cover their tracks — using Amazon’s EC2 service as a proxy to conduct their malicious deeds. While the hackers did not break into Amazon’s network, […]

U.S. Congress Committee Wants Answers On PSN Breach

It’s no surprise that Sony is under extreme scrutiny for the recent security breach that has left 77 million PSN accounts compromised. Users are furious, and understandably so. Heck, even the U.S. Congress wants answers. In a letter addressed to PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai, […]

SCEA On PSPgo: Not Dead Yet

While the folks over at SCE Japan may have pulled the plug on the UMD-free PSPgo, SCEA isn’t ready to say adiós. A spokesperson from the company recently confirmed to IndustryGamers that PSPgo production is still underway in North America. […]

Sony Gives Update On PSN Outage, Says Normal Service Will Resume In A Couple Days

Update: Sony issued an update on the matter today, pinning blame on an external intrusion. Recently the target of a cyber attack plotted by the loosely connected protest group Anonymous, it seems Sony is having a hard time keeping the recent […]

Sony Phasing Out PSPgo?

The days of Sony’s portable “experiment” — the PSPgo — may be numbered. According to a blog with supposed connections to Japan’s Sony Shop, the company has ceased production of PSPgo units. Adding credence to that report is a product listing […]

PSP Firmware 6.38 Released

Late last night, Sony quietly pushed out a firmware update for PSP, bumping up the running version tally to 6.38. As perhaps evident by the minor version increment, there’s little in the way of notable changes here. The update merely offers […]

SCEA CEO Calls Nintendo Portables ‘Babysitting Tools’

SCEA CEO Jack Tretton had harsh words to say about the competition in a recent interview with Forbes, calling Nintendo’s star portable a mere ‘babysitting tool.’ “Our view of the ‘Game Boy experience’ is that it’s a great babysitting tool, […]

Sony’s NGP Global Launch Delayed by Quake?

Sony’s PSP2, codenamed “NGP”, might not see a global launch this year as a result of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan early last month. In speaking with Bloomberg, Jack Tretton, said that the company may have to […]

Sony Unifies Online Services Under ‘SNEA’ Umbrella

Beginning April 1, Sony Computer Entertainment America will transfer its online services, including wallet funds, to Sony Network Entertainment America. The shift marks Sony’s latest move to unify and enhance integration across its broad portfolio of services, such as PSN […]

Sega Launches Auctions To Support Japan Relief Efforts

Sega of America today announced a new give and get back initiative to support ongoing relief efforts in Japan. As part of the Play for Japan campaign, the company is auctioning off several collectible goods, ranging from signed art pieces […]

Sony Promises Simultaneous Delivery for NGP

PSPgo owners have often lamented over the late delivery of UMD to digital conversions – and sometimes the complete lack of a digital counterpart, in the case of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. With NGP, Sony is ensuring that no […]

Legend of Mana Hitting US PSN ‘Soon’

Square Enix has suddenly been ramping up its PSN throughput as of late, with no signs of slowing down. The company has reveled in a recent email blast that its RPG Legend of Mana, which hit the PSOne classics catalog […]

NPD February: Xbox 360 Records Biggest Non-Holiday Month Ever

Retail tracking firm NPD Group has released its hardware and software sales analysis for the month of February, revealing an impressive showing for Microsoft. With 535,000 units shifted, the Xbox 360 enjoyed its biggest non-holiday month ever, eclipsing its previous […]

Peter Dille Departs SCEA

PlayStation marketing vet Peter Dille has left his post as SCEA’s senior vice president of Marketing and PlayStation Network, the confirmed today. Dille’s history with the brand stretches all the way back to 1995, when he played a key role […]

Spring Fever Brings Deep PSN Discounts

Beginning this week on PSN, Sony is kicking off Spring Fever, a month-long celebration designed to highlight exceptional games and associated discounts. To usher in the first round of time-limited specials, Sony is offering up titles chosen in its PlayStation Network […]

Sony Backpedals On PSPgo Price Drop

It seems the PSPgo can never catch a break. Late last week, Sony revealed plans to drop the price of the UMD-free portable to $150 on its official website. Unfortunately, it turns out the mark down was merely a mistake or […]

PSP Homebrew: Game Categories Light v1.3

Now users of all firmware can enjoy Bubbletune’s folder organization plugin Game Categories Light v1.3. The latest update brings support for firmware based on 6.3X kernels. Usage is a cinch: once installed, simply create folders representing the categories you’d like […]

Sony: We’ve Gone Back To Basics, NGP Marks A Return To PSOne Era Attitude

Sony says it made collaborating with partners a key priority during the development of NGP, noting that it went through “several iterations” of the platform as a result of feedback. According to SCE Worldwide Studio boss Shuhei Yoshida in a […]

Sony Dropping PSPgo To $150

If you’ve been waiting for the PSPgo to hit a budget-friendly price point, it looks like it’s happening soon. An update from Sony on the official PlayStation website shows that a $50 drop is impending, bringing the total cost of […]

ESRB Rates Parasite Eve for PSOne Classics

If a recent ESRB listing is any indication, it looks like Square Enix has plans to re-release Parasite Eve on PSN as part of Sony’s PSOne Classics catalog. With spiritual successor The 3rd Birthday due out this March on PSP, […]

Sony Drops PSP Price To $129.99

Sony is lowering the barrier-to-entry price point for the current PSP, bringing the cost of a base PSP-3000 system to just $129.99. That’s $40 down from the original MSRP of $169.99. In addition, all bundle configurations, otherwise known as PSP […]

Epic Games Calls NGP A ‘Game Changer,’ Opens Up UE3 Licensing

With Epic Games having pledged its support for Next Generation Portable at this year’s PlayStation Meeting in Japan, this tidbit of news comes as little surprise. The company announced today that it has opened up Unreal Engine 3 licensing for […]

Lead Your Tribe In Patapon 3 April 12

Sony’s announced today that Patapon 3, the third installment in its rhythm-based tribal adventure series, will hit store shelves and PSN on April 12. It’ll come at the budget-friendly price of $19.99. Building on the franchise staple of quirky visuals […]

PSP Genesis Entry: Sepulka, A Selective Plugin Loader

It’s been just a few weeks into the recently announced PSP Genesis competition and we’re already beginning to see some promising entries turn up. Say goodbye to the hassles of dealing with plugin conflicts with C4TurD4Y’s Sepulka, a selective plugin […]

Sony Kept Price Range In Mind When Designing NGP

Sony Computer Entertainment president Shuhei Yoshida has told Edge Magazine that that company remained conservative on adding features to NGP, noting that it had a set price range in mind from very beginning. As a result, a number of ‘cool’ […]

NGP And PSP Will Co-Exist, Says Sony

Sony has always been a staunch supporter of its 10-year platform lifecycle, and the PSP is no exception. SCE worldwide studios exec Shuhei Yoshida has told Edge Magazine that the holiday 2011 arrival of NGP will not signal the PSP’s […]

Sony To Finalize NGP Name Later This Year

Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide studios president Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that the company will finalize its name for the PSP successor — currently codenamed NGP — later this year. “Well, NGP is the codename we’ve used since 2008. We will […]

PSP Genesis Homebrew Competition Announced, $4300 In Prizes

It’s time to bring your A game, the ultimate PSP homebrew competition is here! We’ve joined forces with wololo, npt, PSP-Hacks, PSPSlimHacks, and PSPGen to sponsor what is assuredly the largest competition to grace the PSP scene. A cumulative total of $4300 […]

Activision Axes 2011 Guitar Hero, Disbands Business Unit

Activision has scrapped plans for a 2011 Guitar Hero title, according to outlook statements in its just-released financial results for calendar year 2010. This comes amid the company’s decision to disband Activision Publishing’s entire Guitar Hero business unit. Additionally, development […]

Carmack Says 3DS, NGP May Be Last of Their Kind

Are dedicated gaming handhelds like the 3DS and NGP a dying breed? id Software founder and DOOM creator John Carmack thinks they could be. Speaking to the Dallas Morning News, Carmack said the upcoming crop of devices may represent the […]

Konami Shutters Hudson Entertainment

The house of Bomberman is closing. Following its recent move to take complete ownership of Hudson as the sole shareholder, Konami has decided to close Hudson Entertainment, which represents the US division of Hudson. Product and Brand Manager Morgan Haro […]

Sony Ericsson Makes Xperia Play Official In Super Bowl Commercial, Launch Event Commences February 13

No more beating around the bush: the Xperia Play, known in tech circles as the PlayStation Phone, is official. Mobile handset maker Sony Ericsson went live with a public unveil of the Android Gingerbread-powered device in a commercial for this year’s […]