Crytek CEO: Streaming Games A Promising Venture, But Not Viable Until 2013

by Mike Bendel April 2, 2009 @ 2:47 pm

In midst of all the hubbub surrounding OnLive, an ambitious technology that promises to stream PC games over a network in a VNC-like fashion, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has stated that he does not believe such an initiative will be viable until — wait for it — 2013. This belief comes after careful research and development on such a venture, which concluded in 2007.

We had our research in 2005 on this subject but we stopped around 2007 because we had doubts about economics of scale. But that was at a time when bandwidth was more expensive.

We saw that by 2013 – 2015 with the development of bandwidths and household connections worldwide that it might become more viable then.

Yerli further stated that the success of such a service will largely be dependent upon the technology of cable and broadband providers. He also said Crytek themselves were not in talks with OnLive, despite Crysis being used in various tech demos as a showcase of the service during GDC.

The OnLive service will launch in beta form later this winter.

Crytek: Streaming games service viable in 2013 []

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