Heroes of Mana Confirmed For Europe

by Mike Bendel June 14, 2007 @ 10:42 am

Square-Enix confirmed today that Heroes of Mana is coming to the Nintendo DS in Europe this Autumn. Heroes of Mana breaks away from the traditional action RPG experience, and plans to deliver a Mana game that will offer real-time strategy gameplay.

Let’s face it… after Dawn of Mana it may be hard to get excited about a new Mana game, but first and foremost what gives us hope is that the game is being developed by Brownie Brown (of Sword of Mana fame). Granted, Sword of Mana isn’t regarded as one of the best Mana games, but it was a decent game. And as said before, the game will offer real-time strategy gameplay, which is set to fully utilize the touch screen aspect of the DS to lead armies, build bases, and battle foes. That being said, I do have hope that this game will breathe new life into the Mana series.

Square-Enix also sent out a batch of new screenshots, all of which look stunning. Check them out after the jump.

Heroes of Mana Screenshots

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