Alleged Radeon HD6870 Benchmarks Surface

by Mike Bendel August 29, 2010 @ 9:29 pm

Hot off the heels of its successful DX11 family of Evergreen GPUs, alleged benchmarks for AMD’s next in line have emerged from the dark corners of the internet. A 3DMark score of the purported HD6870 was recently posted by a forum user over at Chinese site PCinLife, showing off a GPU score of 11,634. While the veracity is questionable, a supplied GPU-Z screenshot does add¬†credence¬†to the score, lining up with internal data that erroneously made its way into ATI’s latest driver release — Catalyst 10.8.

Assuming the score is legit, AMD’s next family of GPU are set to pack a punch. Landing a 11.6K in 3DMark would theoretically place the HD6870 above the HD5970 in raw performance, the latter of which is a dual GPU part. Given that result, there’s little doubt it would also handily compete with Nvidia’s latest flagship — the GTX480.

Additional benchmarks performed on the card indicate an average of 43.55 FPS in Crysis at 1920×1200 with 4xAA and preset very high enabled. An average of 36.6FPS was observed in the DX11-heavy Unigine stress test, with tessellation set to extreme.

HD6000 performance [PCinLife]

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