EA Shakes Up Corporate Structure, Peter Moore Promoted To EA COO

by Mike Bendel August 4, 2011 @ 2:36 pm

In its “first material re-organization” since the formation of a label structure in 2007, EA’s announced significant changes to the hierarchy of its corporate structure. Most notable is the promotion of Peter Moore, currently head of the EA Sports label, as COO of EA.

Moore stepped down from Microsoft as head of the Xbox division to join EA in 2007.

Formerly head of the EA Games division, Frank Gibeau is now President of the EA Labels. Additionally, EA is adding BioWare as an official “label,” which joins EA Games, EA SPORTS, EA Play.

“First, I think it’s a great reflection on EA that we are able to tap so much world-class leadership from within our own ranks. The depth of talent and leadership in this company is inspiring,” said EA CEO John Riccitiello.

He added, “Second, as I look across EA and back on its history, I come to an important realization. The people who succeed here are the ones who map their creative vision over a deep understanding of what our consumers want. Our Label structure reflects that strategy. It creates a close partnership between developers and product marketers that connects the creative process to our consumers. “

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