Hidden System Menu Uncovered On PS Vita

by Mike Bendel January 4, 2012 @ 1:36 pm

Update: It turns out this menu is also present on PSP and PS3. GregoryRasputin shares a video of it in action.

Adding to the list of PS Vita firmware ‘easter eggs’ is a hidden system menu uncovered by the folks over at Japanese site Emu on PSP. Information exposed includes the product code, release build, and other internal version strings.

Accessing it is fairly straightforward. For several seconds, simply hold the left d-pad button, square, as well as the L and R triggers together. Afterwards, release them and hit start. You should see the menu expand.

There’s really no useful information here, but it’s an interesting find nonetheless. If anything, we imagine Sony uses the data when servicing units for repair.

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