Ready At Dawn Passed On Vita, New IP Is A Next-Gen Effort

by Mike Bendel March 20, 2012 @ 7:44 pm

Ready at Dawn, the studio behind both God of War PSP installments, already voiced their intent to move over to consoles. In fact, they began assembling a team for an ‘AAA’ console project in March of last year. While details on that effort have yet to surface, the studio has no intent to revisit its portable roots with the Vita, having turned down the idea of creating another mobile God of War game.

“It’s an idea that was floated as far as what could happen on the Vita. And especially with a platform like that, we were enticed I think by the prospect of doing something on that platform, but it just didn’t align with what we wanted, so I’m hoping that they do something on that because I definitely think that they should. There’s so much potential for it. But it’s something we toyed with for a little while, ” Ready At Dawn co-founder Ru Weerasuriya told

While it’s a shame Ready At Dawn is passing on the Vita entirely at this point, change is good. Given creative freedom, it’ll be exciting to see what these folks come up with.

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