Bayonetta Bewitching PSN on Jan. 29

by David Sanchez January 25, 2013 @ 7:08 am


Sega has announced that it will be releasing Bayonetta on the PlayStation Network. The game is due out on Tuesday, January 29, and it’ll sport a price tag of $19.99 on Sony’s download platform. Bayonetta was developed by Platinum Games and released back in 2010 in North America. The game features stylish action gameplay, an impressive visual design, and over-the-top sexualized themes.

It should be noted that the PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta has often been considered the inferior iteration of that game. Several bugs and framerate issues were the source of much frustration among players. Despite the fact that a patch was released to remedy these problems, individuals continue to experience problems with Bayonetta on PlayStation 3. Whether those issues will persist with the upcoming downloadable version remains to be seen, but it’s a likely possibility.

I’m currently playing Bayonetta for the very first time (on Xbox 360 because eww bugs), and I’m having a total blast. The game’s brand of crazy Japanese action and wild themes is totally enjoyable, and it incites plenty of “holy crap” moments, as well as a few laughs. A sequel to Bayonetta was recently announced, though that title will be exclusive to the Wii U.

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