Different River City Ransom Game Will Be Exclusive to Japan

by David Sanchez May 5, 2013 @ 12:02 pm

Kunio Game

Developer Combit Studios is currently toiling away on an official successor to River City Ransom with the help of license owner Million Co. In Japan, however, Arc System Works is currently developing another entry in the famed franchise titled Nekketsu Kousha Kunio-kun SP, or Hot-Blooded Tough Guy Kunio-kun SP: Fighting Concerto.

According to Famitsu (via Polygon), the upcoming game will feature brawling gameplay with RPG elements and an open world filled with side quests. These extra objectives will allow players to earn some more spending cash, but certain actions, such as attacking innocent civilians, will result in different story situations.

Fighting Concerto is due out in Japan on August 8. It’ll be available for the 3DS, and pre-orders will come with a bonus soundtrack CD. So, anyone else bummed that this game isn’t likely to come to North America, like, ever?

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