Crash Reveals PS4 HDD Details and Streaming?

by Justin Baillargeon June 11, 2013 @ 9:34 pm

PS4 Error

Within the first 10 minutes of the doors being opened at E3, a game had already crashed. That game was none other than the PS4 exclusive Knack. While being played at the Sony booth, the game crashed mid-game to reveal an interesting screen which you can see above.

HDD – Usable Space Closer to 400GB

The error screen had a lot going on, including an information box that revealed the current HDD space usage. If you look carefully the dev unit had 385GB out of 423GB free space. When you factor in how manufacturers rate the drives you get actual usable space of 465GB. Now subtract that from what we saw on the crash screen and we get roughly 42GB of reserved system data that is not user accessible. That number could decrease or increase on actual retail systems.

What does all this mean? Well that’s simple, the actual usable HDD space on the PS4 system is a lot closer to 400GB than the 500GB HDD stat that you have seen in the past 24 hours. It’s likely that Microsoft’s Xbox One will also follow a similar path though, so this is not just Sony’s issue.

Are Demos Streamed?

An interesting question I’d say. I ask this question for a variety of reasons:

  • APP_HOME (DATA) and APP_HOME (HOST) text is visible, HOST suggesting some sort of networking is involved (usually streaming when dealing with a “host” system). This could just be referring to something else entirely though. Update: Hellcat just polietly informed us that APP_HOME (HOST) is “old stuff” and references the inter-connectivity between the console and the dev PC.
  • That streaming icon! The icon shows a screen receiving a wireless signal, most likely streaming a game (hence the player vs player icon within the screen)
  • The IP Address is listed within the information box (also generic information)

Mike Bendel, who was there with me, also mentioned he noticed some input lag on the Knack demo. I personally did not notice this, but then again I was more worried about surviving on hard mode than anything else.


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