Tekken 7 to Use Unreal Engine 4, Dev Hints Release on New Platforms

by David Sanchez July 14, 2014 @ 12:15 pm

Tekken 7

At EVO 2014, Bandai Namco Games revealed that Tekken 7 would utilize Unreal Engine 4. More info is set to be released at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Though specific platforms have yet to be confirmed, it appears that Tekken 7 will arrive on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, possibly in addition to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. According to Joystiq, Game Director and Executive Producer Katsuhiro Harada stated that the use of Unreal Engine 4 means that the developer “could rapidly achieve visual quality expected on next-gen platform[s] and go beyond it.”

Check out the Tekken 7 trailer below.

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