• 387 Achievements Earned
  • 186 Players Tracked
  • 14 Total Achievements
  • 4,610 Obtainable EXP
  • 6 100% Club
Earned Date
  • Loui the Bag flies over the Big Ben with a cup of tea. So long, England! A new airport awaits him!

    25.27% (112.0)
  • Say goodbye to Liberty Island! Loui continues his trip. Will the next airport be his final destination?

    9.68% (168.0)
  • A relaxing trip with coffee from Madrid! Loui the Bag now heads to… where? Discover it in Crazy Belts!

    8.06% (192.0)
  • Even the kangaroos can`t stop Loui the Bag in his mission: to arrive safe at home. How many other adventures are in the horizon?

    6.99% (219.0)
  • Loui the Bag always wanted to visit the Great Wall of China. Wish granted! But now it’s time to go back home…

    5.38% (250.0)
  • Just reached Worldwide Top 50 of Crazy Belts… in the moon! Join me, it’s a free rocket ride!

    3.23% (668.0)
  • Just reached Worldwide Top 10 of Crazy Belts… in the moon! One small step for a man… a giant leap for bagkind!

    3.23% (668.0)
  • Just reached Worldwide Top 3 of Crazy Belts! The sky is (not) the limit!

    3.23% (668.0)
  • To the infinite and beyond! Just reached Worldwide Top 1 in the world of Crazy Belts!! Try to beat me!

    3.23% (668.0)
  • Need more challenges? Let’s take a trip to the moon! Go to Infinite Mode in Crazy Belts!

    98.92% (57.0)
  • Congratulations, you've achieved all the wallpapers in Crazy Belts! Now you have your travel album complete!

    4.84% (333.0)
  • Loui open a misterious chest... Wow, new accesories! Keep playing Crazy Belts and unlock more sets!

    13.98% (146.0)
  • Congratulations, you've achieved all the accesories in Crazy Belts! Now Loui is the coolest bag in the world!

    4.84% (333.0)
  • You have your first wallpaper in Crazy Belts! Do you want more? Keep travelling around the world!

    17.20% (128.0)