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Discord Rich Me! Is an application created by Varstep Studios that allows you to customize your Discord Rich Presence (RPC) quickly and dynamically.
Create, Save, Load, do whatever you want, Discord Rich Me! allows it!
In order to use Discord Rich Me! you must have an application on Discord Developer (IT'S FREE, GO FOR IT)

🧰 - Custom Status (you can use your application and put any details that you want)
💾 - Save Custom Status (Now you can save your Status. Up to 4 slots)
🔄 - Load your Status
⏱️ - Elapsed Time
🔘 - Buttons (with .gif support)
🕞 - Timed Status & Images (Change your status (Images or Text) each 15 seconds)
📺 - Windows Status (Show everything you're doing on your PC)
⏰ - Routine Status (Set an hour to change the application that you are using)
🛫 - Startup with Windows (Load your presence automatically)
🌐 - Web Based Status (Change your status when searching on the Web)
🖥️ - CPU & RAM usage (Based on Interactive Presence, show your friends the usage of your CPU and RAM of your PC)

Discord Rich Me! is an application that gives you a ton of features that free software does not have. Other advantage of Discord Rich Me! is that the software is safe, free of viruses and does not store any user data, everything is processed by users PC's.