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All their childhood, Pamela and Hans' sister - Agatha - tried to convince adults about what had happened to Hans, but unfortunately terrifying truth was taken for childish imagination and silly nightmares. In time, both friends began to doubt their own memory and accepted the thought that Hans was dead.

That is, until Pamela receives a letter from Agatha. Friend convinces Pamela, that Hans managed to contact her recently. Without hesitation, Miss Cavendish returns to the town of Mittenwald to finally close the most painful chapter of her life.

And so, in a quiet town where nothing bad has happened for years, she will encounter a mystery in which dreams mingle with reality. Every step she takes will be watched by a shadow behind the mirror.

Will she get to the nightmare realm where Hans is still fighting for his life? Will she be able to stop the mysterious figure hidden in the shadows? And will she risk everything in the fight for the safety of her friends?


  • Solve the biggest mystery yet - one from the long-forgotten past.
  • Explore 31 locations of dreams and reality to find truth about Hans.
  • Learn the origins of the Nightmare Realm in bonus adventure.
  • Take a stand against the shadow within every dream.
  • Use your wits to solve 23 puzzles and save everything you hold dear.