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Appropriate for everyone ages 10+

The game contains some themes of violence and
some minor horror elements.

Escape Knox Manor is a first person escape room simulator with a twist. Escape rooms can be fun. You find clues that help you get out of a situation and you win if you get out within a limited amount of time. Well EKM asks the question what would that be like in real life, what would it be like to be kidnapped in a mansion? Instead of fighting against the clock you fight against your own panic. Over time your panic will build. If you find clues or helpful information you'll reduce your panic, but if you take too long, find dead ends, or disturbing information like how your kidnapper decided to raid your house and decorate the mansion to make you feel more at home, your panic meter will increase. Reach full panic and you'll pass out and lose the game. If you escape then you win!

If there are any bugs you notice in the game please let us know as we'd love to fix them!

NOTE: Objects in the game will change position from play through to play through to keep things interesting.