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Store Description

Finding summer - a three-dimensional platformer about a kid named Aki , whose nostalgia for the past summer forced him to go on an unforgettable adventure - in search of summer! On the way to his goal, he will meet not only many dangers, but also make new friends. And of course, such a responsible journey is difficult to carry out alone - that's why you will go to meet the warm summer days with Aki!
The main feature of the game is the ability to move between two layers of the level , which makes the environment much more voluminous and increases the number of possible paths!
On the way to the very reason of traveling - fly, you will visit 4 colorful locations, each of which contains its own unique mechanics! What exactly is this unusual adventure? What outcome awaits you with Aki at the end of the journey?

Key Features

  • Each level consists of two layers, through which you can move
  • Affectionate characters, each with their own character and goals
  • 4 colorful locations in the main storyline
  • Over 25 levels, with unique design and mechanics
  • Challenging difficulty
  • Atmospheric Instrumental Soundtrack
  • Aki has a cat!

Post-release support

After the release of the game, it will be gradually updated with new storyline additions, access to which will be free for all. Such updates will expand the game world, as well as implement ideas whose implementation is impossible in just one adventure! In addition to the development of the plot, the game will be supported technically (regular elimination of errors and bugs)