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White Lake Studio Series: Greatest Discount of Lifetime During Summer Sale

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Hunger Apartment

Spellsword Cards: Demontide

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《Bugs Must Die》


Prank Bros

Game Studio Simulator

Super Phantom Cat

Dawn of the Lost Castle

Tale Of Swords: Mystery Scroll


About the Game

“Experiencing the real game development process,difficult but joyful."

Hi everyone,it's Camel here.Game Studio Simulator is my first independent game.

Many of you,I believe,might have interest in experiencing a game developer's career.That's the reason I made this game.


Game Studio Simulator shows you the career of a game studio boss.

Choice is the key element of this game:Should you sacrifice your games’ quality for a shorter develop progress?How should you maintain the balance between players and your company's benefits?

You have 3 million funds to start up your game studio.You need to recruit your staff,decide the kind of game you develop,resolving all kinds of business problem,try to beat you competitors,and evantually take TengE's place to become the largest game company.

Maybe you have already played Game Dev Story or any other similar games,but this game is more focused on the real process of game development.


This version contains over 50 steam achievements,about 300 characters to unlock,over 1800 different events leading you into a real life of Game Developer,showing you the happiness and hardship of being a game developer.

At last,if you have any suggestions,please let me know!

Official QQ Group: 780180651