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Cats are amazing friends and witness so many special moments in its parents’ lives. They are quiet but watch everything. Secretly support the pursuit of love and happiness. In this jigsaw puzzle game, find six of these moments with Buddy the cat.

  • Get involved with this love story, with moments of unlikely coincidence, uncertainty and closeness.
  • Set up the jigsaw puzzle scenes at five different levels of difficulty.
  • Beautiful illustrations created especially for the game by artist @Katia.Numakura .
  • Relax with an immersive and exclusive soundtrack.
  • Features include zooming the scene, highlighting border pieces, shuffle the remaining pieces, previewing the scene.
  • Complete the puzzle and unlock the image for download. Share it to express your love ❤! Use it as a desktop background to inspire your day 🌞!
  • Play it if you love cats 🐱, love jigsaw puzzles 🧩 or just love ❤!

Release on Valentine's Day