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I See You is a multiplayer online VR game, in which you can experience a hide&seek game with your partners in an abandoned alchemist’s room.You can play as the demon who feed on the elves when you are on the red team,also you can play as an elf to evade the demon with your teammates when you are on the blue team.

In this game you would have an enchanted experience,which includes:

  • 1.Vivid VR interactivity

  • 2.Interactive environment

  • 3.Free appearances

  • 4.Using magic props

  • 5.Team-working in VR world

And in our game,we provides you not only a map,but also a interactive world,you can play a hide&seek game with your playmates through your VR equipment just like you are in the real world.Besides,we are developing the other new maps which will be coming soon in next versions,please stay tuned.