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Killer Gin is where classic 2D Role Playing Games meet in-depth characters, mystery, and engaging plot twists. Killer Gin is a high fantasy adventure that combines eastern and western RPG elements with shiny swords, powerful magic, and a complex world where everything wants to destroy you or idolize you, no in-between. Can balance be achieved? What kind of hero will you choose to be? Will you rule or be ruled?

- Epic Fantasy JRPG meets western RPG with 50+ hrs of gameplay!
- Homestead mode: Farming/Dating simulator (Mini-game)
- Difficulty settings: story, normal, hard, including a hard core mode: perma-death!
- Custom time/weather/light/day-night cycle that affects gameplay.
- Alignment system (Nefarious deeds - pick pocketing, lock picking, sandman kills, etc)
- Faction System - choose a faction, gain additional abilities, befriend or eliminate others!
- Relationship system: Party members will react, learn skills, and grow from your actions!
- Professional voice acting (Over 4,000+ voice acted lines, you can turn on or off at anytime!)
- Recruit characters to populate and defend your village (29+ characters in Homestead)
- Story altering game mechanics like perception and persuasion.
- An Infinite dungeon to explore, full of challenges and epic loot!
- Mounts that you raise and breed in Homestead.
- Tons of secrets and easter eggs (And I mean tons, many tied to achievements)!
- Includes a STAR SHIFT game cross over (An epic quest line - Link Below)
- Continually updated and supported! (added items, quests, and pet expansion packs!)
- Beautiful Art to help tell the story (Gallery Below)
- STEAM Achievements!
- and much, much more!