• 44 Achievements Earned
  • 10 Players Tracked
  • 5 Total Achievements
  • 167 Obtainable EXP
  • 8 100% Club

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Store Description

Secrets of the Queen of the Continent of Rastania.
The continent of Rastania. A world where mysteries, miracles, and magic coexist.
There was a queen with a curse that never grew old.
And for decades, the queen was maintaining her beautiful appearance,
After being proposed by countless men, the queen firmly chose to live alone.
And here,
There was a young man who had the ambition to make such a queen his own woman.
It's you!
You've taken a lot of women with your natural strength and energy...
Will you be able to break through a crowd of blocking beauties and take the queen down?

The nature of the game
Last Standing is a puzzle game that removes elemental blocks and indulges in each girl's hidden story.
As a player, if you want to release the girls' cravings,
We have to get rid of the elemental block and exhaust the monks.
As you play every time, you will be in trouble with girls' attacks.
Grow yourself up. And use items that can overcome difficulties!
The girls' exclamation will be waiting for you.