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About playtime

The playtime is about 1.5~2 hours.
We do think it will be a short but meaningful experience for you. However, if you don't feel satisfied with it. Because of the short playtime, you can still refund it after playing through our game under the policy of STEAM. And still thank you for playing our game!

About the Game

LoveChoice is a decision-based AVG. As the title suggests, the game is about choices. We worked hard to ensure every scene and every choice was reasonable and meaningful. We wanted every choice to matter and affect the outcome of the story.

This game is a discussion about love. It is more focused on expressing thoughtful ideas than gameplay mechanics. We hope this game brings a little love into our players' lives and provides some insights into how to love their partners a little better.


  • 3 stories with multiple endings
  • Lovely Art
  • 17 Original BGMs
  • Collectable Cute Wallpapers
  • This game will make you surprise

Our Team

  • EC
The main artist, and participle in design too.
  • Linglu
  • Zhao
  • MIDIPanda
Provide most of the music.
  • Ye@AkabaStudio
Do the rest of this game and write this...