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ONE button is all you need in this flappy kissing game!

Will your next kiss be your last?
Why stop now, when it feels so good! The more you kiss, the better you get…

if you can stay alive!

Three love-starved witches have spirited your princess away to the nightmare land of Babastille, along with all 64 members of her loyal royal court!
Only your kiss can save them all from certain death!

Face fearsome kaiju, marvel at massive mega-windmills, and keep your cool across the volcanic fields! Feast your eyes on dancing dolphins and haunted mansions!

To save all of the hero’s sweet mon-a-girls, your love must overcome all these traps and more,
scattered across the terrifying terrain!

As more of your rivals in love pay dearly with their lives in their own quest to kiss-em-all, you’ll get notifications delivered to your kingdom of where they croaked!
Take heed of these death notes, and try to stay ahead of their scores, time and time again!

Soothe your sorry soul with the seamless stylings of improvised vocal jazz!
Mon Amour features a never-ending, ever-changing stream of scat-singing as you spin your way toward true love!