• 9,546 Trophies Earned
  • 432 Players Tracked
  • 47 Total Trophies
  • 1,240 Obtainable EXP
  • 1,335 Points
  • 90 Platinum Club
  • 90 100% Club
Earned Date
  • You've earned every trophy there is to obtain. Gehe. Live proud with your Ego, empty and vain.

    20.83% (71.0)
  • You've triumphed over the Pactbearer of Pride. Gehe. Justice is the victor's right to decide.

    72.69% (14.7)
  • You've triumphed over the Pactbearer of Envy. Gehe. One must suffer to know how precious peace can be.

    52.78% (17.8)
  • You've triumphed over the Pactbearer of Wrath. Gehe. Emotions alone cannot pave you a path.

    51.39% (18.1)
  • You've triumphed over the Pactbearers of Lust. Gehe. If you hope to avoid pain, a change of heart is a must.

    46.53% (18.6)
  • You've triumphed over the Pactbearer of Greed. Gehe. Your fate changed with the last wish he could plead.

    38.66% (24.0)
  • You and Nozomi triumphed against woe. Gehe. Were your wishes and hopes ever realized, though?

    31.25% (25.9)
  • You and Shinya triumphed against woe. Gehe. Did you manage to earn his faith and trust, though?

    29.40% (27.9)
  • You and Ryotaro triumphed against woe. Gehe. Did you manage to get your fill of things, though?

    31.02% (26.4)
  • You and Kokoro triumphed against woe. Gehe. Did you manage to get closer to her heart, though?

    30.32% (26.8)
  • You've triumphed over the Pactbearer of Woe. Gehe. So lamentable when one denies themself, no?

    28.47% (28.4)
  • You defeated ■■■-■■■■■■■ with little to spare. Stand tall, little "human" who subdued the unfair.

    28.01% (28.9)
  • You heard a recording from one who has passed. Gehe... This newfound quiet occurred far too fast.

    34.95% (24.9)
  • You've entered Madness in all its brutality. Gehe. Brandish the bane of irrationality.

    58.56% (16.4)
  • You've become Awakened for the first time, I see. Gehe. To control the Madness, your will is the key.

    72.45% (15.0)
  • You've become Enlightened for the first time. Gehe. Control the Madness to attain your prime.

    41.20% (22.7)
  • You've experienced your very first Resonation. Gehe. Bonds of the soul can be your salvation.

    74.77% (14.5)
  • You've donned a full set of Vessels with skills, I see. Gehe. Names and nature do often agree.

    64.58% (15.4)
  • You've customized a Fiend for the first time. Gehe. Follow your Ego against reason and rhyme.

    84.26% (13.6)
  • You've changed a Fiend's name for the very first time. Gehe. Just don't give them one that would count as a crime.

    57.41% (16.7)
  • You've acquired your very first Alter Ego. Gehe. Interacting with others is what makes one grow.

    68.29% (15.2)
  • You've taken a student's psychology test. Gehe. It's up to you to define yourself best.

    88.66% (13.4)
  • You've made your first call to the Otherworld. Gehe. Fear not the abyss, nor what is unfurled.

    79.40% (14.3)
  • You managed to unlock a locker. Gehe. What did you find? A present? A shocker?

    82.18% (13.8)
  • You had Vanitas create an item or gear. Gehe. I'm only assisting, just so we're clear.

    81.71% (14.0)
  • You've listened to your first BGM sound test. Gehe. It's important to take an occasional rest.

    64.12% (15.7)
  • You've visited the infirmary for 20 examinations. Gehe. Just remember to overexert yourself in moderation...

    46.30% (21.9)
  • You've saved 20 numbers in your Contacts list. Gehe. Find any good hunting grounds in your midst?

    39.12% (23.6)
  • You took at least half of the psychology tests. Gehe. Are you more self-aware now than you had guessed?

    35.65% (24.5)
  • You have at least half of the Cromwell Records in tow. Gehe. Knowledge is power; power is what you know.

    46.53% (18.6)
  • You've registered at least half of the Profiles. Gehe. Knowing others can take you for miles.

    53.24% (17.5)
  • You've participated in 30 battles or more. Gehe. Living beings are predisposed to war.

    55.32% (17.0)
  • You've performed 50 Assist Attacks. Gehe. Success stems from having each other's backs.

    58.80% (16.2)
  • You've made at least 30 Deferrals to date. Gehe. It's important to know how to delegate.

    53.94% (17.2)
  • You've earned over 2,000,000 SPIRIT to date. Gehe. Have you gained enough power to satiate?

    22.92% (60.4)
  • You equipped a set of EX Rank Vessels on a Fiend. Gehe. Are they now the way you have always dreamed?

    27.08% (50.5)
  • You've seen everybody's Awakened Arts. Gehe. Defiance stems from the will of one's heart.

    27.78% (30.0)
  • You've seen everybody's Enlightened Arts. Gehe. Fulfill your Ego with the power Madness imparts.

    24.54% (54.4)
  • You've unlocked one unit's every ability. Gehe. Using them right is now your responsibility.

    27.78% (30.0)
  • You've unlocked every ability for every unit. Gehe. I never imagined you'd manage to do it.

    21.53% (64.5)
  • You've gotten intel about all seven wonders. Gehe. Did any make your curiosity thunder?

    29.63% (27.4)
  • You managed to earn an S-Rank result. Gehe. You did well--and that's not an insult.

    63.19% (15.9)
  • You used a Hazard to defeat a foe. Gehe. You're utterly deranged, you know.

    44.44% (22.3)
  • You've performed a four-unit Assist Attack. Gehe. Whoever it is, they're not coming back.

    39.81% (23.2)
  • You've performed a five-unit Assist Attack. Gehe. The key to battle is to fight in a pack.

    33.56% (25.4)
  • You've dealt over 10,000 damage in a single turn. Gehe. Keep improving yourself--live and learn.

    23.61% (57.4)
  • You've proven your Ego and seen your wish through. Gehe. One thing's end is the start of something new.

    21.06% (67.8)