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Store Description

Monochro is an action-platformer game about a person who explores the colorful world.

Use the unique weapons carried by balloons and the air-dash to reach the end of the world.

Key Features:

  • Unique Weapons
    Annihilate all enemies with weapons, sword, shotgun, missile and so on.

  • Rank Up
    Players will obtain EXP in battle and gain player rank. When the player rank up, they get an upgrade or a heart.

  • Randomly Generated World
    Each level is procedurally generated each time.

Update log

  • Changed some effects
  • Adjusted wall kick
  • (Japanese text only) Changed the text of thunderbolt

  • Added easy mode

  • Added thunderbolt effect
  • Fixed bug of XInput controller

  • Improved some weapons
  • Changed weapon icon graphics
  • Adjusted balloons
  • Adjusted player attack movement