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Novi Cube = FunĀ²

(it's a mathematic joke about squares, get it?)

What happens if you put some casual old-school games together and sprinkle some roguelike elements? Well, you get Novi Cube!

In Novi Cube you will shoot dozens of projectiles at evil geometric shapes to finally satisfy the urge to hurt geometric shapes! Admit it! You always wanted to scratch that itch since grade school!

Why should you buy this game?

Well, let us answer that in one simple meme:


You get
Simple, but addicting gameplay!
Six different characters to unlock and play!
Upgrade your characters, so you are up for even harder challenges!
Various choices for upgrades you can find during your runs, so no run will be the same!
Hours of casual, relaxing fun

We get
Like one coffee

What are you waiting for?
(no seriously buy, we'll run out of coffee soon)