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Prison Simulator: Demo is an addictive simulation game, which takes place in the state prison in Nebraska. You play the role of a guard who comes back to work shortly after the riot, led by rebelling prisoners. The prison and the pride of the guards suffered.

days and Routines:

The game is divided into story days. Each is slightly different from the others. Every day different routines such as guarding the prisoners in the workshop, checking their attendance or searching the parcels await you. All this allows you to feel the atmosphere of work in a real prison.

Convicts have three types of character: gentle, neutral and aggressive. You can talk to them, try to trade, accept tasks and earn respect. You can also be "the bad guy" and make their already bad life miserable.


During your routines and leisure time you will be accompanied by your colleagues. In the event of any fire, fights or incident, they will try to help ease the situation. However, they are sometimes very vigilant and when you try to sell cigarettes to a prisoner they may want to search you.


The prison is designed to provide as much excitement as possible. Locations such as a hospital, death row, or the warden's room have many interesting features. Each location is uniquely designed to suit the prison climate.

So if you are a lover of simulators or just like to play games about prisoners and guards with the addition of small intrigues - Prison Simulator Demo will take you exactly where you can play the role of a screw.