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Store Description

A normal boy in his teens and his girlfriend from school.
They discovered a strange phenomenon in the school library.

As fans of the paranormal. They decide to solve the mystery.
Trying to figure out what's going on.
They learn that this anomaly only occurs in the boy.

Is this a curse?
Or something even scarier?

This is my first game ever. I like the SCP story, etc.
I had bought the book on which it is based, the game.
And I decided to try to make a game.

Game Features

* Story Based On Light Novel at 30% for now
* 3 Original Characters
* First-person view as Main character
* Unlockable CG Gallery with +4 fullscreen CG arts
* Secrets
* Hidden Eastereggs
* Friendly Voice Acting by friends (it was fun)
* Engine RenPy

and etc.

Dr. Bright is the crazy doctor - prankster | Siri is your schoolmate from upper class - fan of the paranormal | Iris needs your help to escape the foundation - SCP-105-B