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  • 189 Obtainable EXP
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Store Description

Witches protect the order of the world in their floating castle, and it has been like this since the creation of the world.
However, our little witch, Loretta travels through time, bringing an oracle that disturbs the witches and forces her to embark on a fateful adventure (again). Will she succeed this time?
This is the story of the first-ever witch of time and her friends.


Pages of Time: Prologue is a 2D platformer puzzle game. Playing as the lovely witch Loretta, in the Magic Academy, use skills such as moving, jumping, recording and rewinding time, and launching magic orbs to solve various puzzles.

Visual Experience

Pages of Time: Prologue has elaborately drawn scenes and character art performance. When the protagonist activates time magic, the visual performance of the scene will undergo surprising changes. Check it out in the beautiful and spectacular Magic Academy.

Story Content

Experience the rich story presented in AVG and other forms, and feel the friendship of the witches. Each character has beautiful portraits.

Game Process

In the game process of about 60~90 minutes, accompanied by wonderful music, you will visit the game scenes with different atmospheres and challenge 13 ingeniously conceived puzzle levels.