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Slime Collectible Card Game or CCG is a fast-paced match of wits between two players or versus an AI. Using ever evolving and growing Slimes players build decks and battle in special arenas. With monthly and seasonal updates Slime CCG is fun and always expanding in new and exciting ways.

The Slimes

Slime are adorable little creatures that change to adapt to their environment our adventures are told through these unique and always changing Slime! There are dozens and dozens of different slime and new slime are being discovered every day! Some are simple and colorful others have adapted to their surroundings!


1. Decks to create and save to use later
2. A full library of 42 cards to use
3. 7 unique AI’s with different play styles
4. 7 Arenas

Features(coming soon)

1. Story Mode(Currently Disabled)
2. Multiplayer

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