• 2,143 Achievements Earned
  • 386 Players Tracked
  • 10 Total Achievements
  • 842 Obtainable EXP
  • 110 100% Club

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Snowdrop Escape is an unofficial story-driven modification for Half-Life 2, the events of which take place a few years before Gordon Freeman appeared in City-17. The invaders are tightening the dictatorship’s grip and The Resistance is barely gaining strength. There’s still a lot of abandoned, but not rusty stuff out of The Combine’s control attracting the rebels. Yet a third party appears on the field of action, not eager to share their technologies with neither the Invaders nor the rebels. And this is the party you play for.
You are a professional mercenary named James. Your employers give you a task to get inside a rebel-held laboratory complex, clear out the unwanted guests, initiate the emergency protocol without attracting any attention from The Combine at the same time. And it turns out to be no easy task...